Mistral Lake initial (and rather bare) release!

The seat of the ever-expanding Mistveil Dominion, promoting peace, order, and prosperity. Whether the people want it or not. They often utilize sorcery and occasional other occult means of accomplishing various goals.
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Re: Mistral Lake initial (and rather bare) release!

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jerc wrote: Fri Feb 17, 2023 6:47 am Not a question about Mistral Lake the city, but are lithics available in the wilderness areas that were released at the same time as Mistral?
Whoops! That was an oversight. Per today's changelog: Some forageable flint has been added to the following wilderness regions: Central Mistveil Dominion, Kveldsongr Woods, Flametip Plains.
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Re: Mistral Lake initial (and rather bare) release!

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I think it's been mentioned before, but it would be nice if people could choose to start a new character in Mistral Lake. There is very low influx of new blood as only people who've been playing COGG know enough to travel to Mistral, and even that is a full commitment.

I think there's a subconscious bias or border between Mistral and Shadgard as to which is more 'starter' and which is more 'experienced' and it shouldn't be that way. I'd love to get an influx of new players asking how to mine or fish, and a general din and air of energy.

Mistral is a very quiet scene, but it's one because everyone here is already self confident in what they do. Starter tasks in Mistral that teach people to fill out citizenship and commerce permits would be needed.

Fellborn mentioned if there was anything we were lacking other than a steam crusher. There are no large pelts easily available to Mistral Citizens. Some moose or reindeer we could hunt would be nice.

The bark off of oak logs can't be ground into bulk tannin. This seems an oversight, as fir bark grinds just fine.

Rias mentioned here in a post last October, "I think I agree with @jerc. Occult practitioners will already feel more welcome in Mistral without all the side-eye and prejudice they'd normally get in Shadgard, to say nothing of the ability to openly use sorcery abilities within town. Throwing study points in would probably be taking Mistral Lake from "more accepting of and comfortable for Occult practitioners" to more of a no-brainer for multiple classes and their leveling/skillup experience, and I don't know that I want the class population to be quite that heavily skewed between the factions."

Does this mean I can draw occult circles in town?
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