New ability: Practiced Diagrams (All Scholars, Brd, Due)

The usage of arcane glyphs and diagrams to power a wide variety of occult rituals.
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New ability: Practiced Diagrams (All Scholars, Brd, Due)

Post by Rias »

The new Practiced Diagrams ability is now available, allowing for drawing those diagrams a bit quicker! It's available to all Scholars, as well as Bards and Duelists. Arcanists get a tier bonus making it twice as effective for them, as our experts in Arcana.

Duelists got their Arcana max bumped up to 200, allowing them to meet the skill requirement for those who choose to go for this ability. Back when Arcana wasn't available to everyone, Duelists had 100 Arcana as a class to show that they were the more studious Warriors, but that 100 became irrelevant once there was the update allowing literally everyone to be able to get 100 Arcana. So this bump to their max is long overdue, really.

Here's hoping we can think of lots of less-specialized lesser glyphs (in other words, not Arcanist-exclusive) so that non-Arcanist classes can have a reason to be excited about their higher-than-normal Arcana skill caps.
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Re: New ability: Practiced Diagrams (All Scholars, Brd, Due)

Post by Lexx416 »

Would like to suggest a new ability for Arcanists, that has Practiced Diagrams as a pre-requisite.

Unsure of the name (something in the same spirit of Practiced Diagrams) that allows for Arcanists to lessen the penalties/detrimental effects of Glyphs that have downsides (such as the perception penalty for the Blur effect) by an amount based on their Arcana skill.
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Re: New ability: Practiced Diagrams (All Scholars, Brd, Due)

Post by Dennis »

Another ability that could reduce the energy cost of activation would also be greatly appreciated.
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