Ascetic Path society suggestions

Talk about Societies in general that doesn't relate specifically to any particular existing Society.
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Re: Ascetic Path society suggestions

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I'll leave that for the ascetics to decide.
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Re: Ascetic Path society suggestions

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tulpa wrote: Tue Feb 14, 2023 5:44 am I really like that Miguel has a reasoned, individual take on Nether while identifying with the Church; that's definitely the sort of content that makes COGG stand out for me. So, yeah, I can't see actual IG Thaumaturgy holding my interest in light of this, and it would put me off both the Ascetic Path and possibly playing that character (so, no pressure). I want room for outlandish theories, philosophising about the nature of Inner Light, subtle understatement ... I'm not personally playing COGG for very literal representations of fantastical concepts. I probably needn't worry, but Rias doesn't seem to be using all caps any more to underline certain principles, so I thought I'd make my views plain.
Miguel and Dimmes both speak of thaumaturgy and its applications such as healing wounds and burning away nether. They both speak of nether as well with a notable and welcome lack of calling for witch hunts. I am attempting to understand why the presence of thaumaturgy in the game would be discouraging of outlandish theories or philosophizing about its nature, or to a reasoned take on the nether. The Inner Light has always been fascinating to me in that even its wielders do not know much about it in a metaphysical sense, and that it is a mysterious force that some have come to be able to wield while yet seeking greater insight into its nature. This was the way of it in CLOK as well and I daresay it was what caused much of the mentioned controversy. I for one have always appreciated the openness of it and the mystery. I do not want to hear about the midichlorians that explain how the mysterious force works. The personal journey of seeking a better understanding while not knowing the answers has always been one of the greatest draws for me. It prompted delightful discussions with others who were seeking the same. I do not feel that attaining some level of thaumaturgy in CLOK ever diminished that. It rather prompted further thought and discussion as thaumaturges discussed their struggles with maintaining that ability and the measures they took as they sought to reattain it when lost.

Further pondering the subject, I would point out that we can see this applied to sorcery and druidry as well. Both are wielded in the game while remaining steeped in mystery. Both are subject to differing theories and philosophies. I do not see why thaumaturgy would be an exception.
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