Morhollow trail cleared and sign restored

Discussion of the various minor outposts out there.
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Morhollow trail cleared and sign restored

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A side trail off the pass between the Flametip Plains and Kveldsongr Woods has been cleared (somewhat - only so much one can do about the snow) and the iron signpost has been restored to help point people toward the subterranean mountain village of Morhollow! While quite small in population and lacking many amenities, Morhollow is known to be where the Wyrvardn Honorhall resides, headquarters of the Wyrvardn Order. The Wyrvardn are not yet ready to begin bringing interested potential recruits into the Honorhall, but Morhollow itself is always happy to entertain visitors.


Check off another little outpost restored! Morhollow can be found off a side trail in the pass between the Flametip and Kveldsongr wilderness regions (I just realized I never named that pass). There's a signpost at the intersection which now has a new northwest exit. Other signposts have been updated to include Morhollow on them (so long as it isn't too far away).

Morhollow did get a slight update to make it feel less-populated as a settlement, as it will never be considered a major faction or force. The previous descriptions made it seem a tad too big for what is meant to be a small outpost. It'll serve primarily as a home for the Wyrvardn society and doesn't have much else beyond a stables, general store, infirmary, and a place to grab some food and drink. Even for non-Wyrvardn though, it will serve at least as another little place to visit, take shelter in, pick up basic supplies at, and receive basic medical attention in.

P.S. I know it may be tempting for some to commit theft or cause other trouble there, but just because it's a small remote outpost doesn't mean causing trouble there is going to be consequence-free. They'll punish troublemakers and remember them! It might not be the wisest choice to make an enemy of the home outpost of the Wyrvardn.
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Re: Morhollow trail cleared and sign restored

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One thing to say: O.M.G!
I miss this area! Love you awesome gms!
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Re: Morhollow trail cleared and sign restored

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Just want to voice my appreciation as well! I'm really pleased at the decision to use some of this material --- all of it is new to me, as I admittedly keep on saying.

As a candidate for my favourite settlement in the game, Morhollow is vying with New Emberlight for top spot. They need to light those lanterns on the trail and get those guards some livery to win the approval of Tulpa's Tourist Board.

There isn't anything that struck me as being out of place in COGG in any of the 'new' locations.
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