Triquetra and Mental Capacity

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Triquetra and Mental Capacity

Post by Kathrine »

I just noticed that when I learned triquetra, it increases the mental capacity used, but not the maximum capacity which results in having more glyph knowledge than my maximum. This means that it takes two abilities to be able to learn another glyph after. Is this intended, or is it meant to be like the occult diagrams ability and grant both the mental capacity and the maximum capacity?
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Re: Triquetra and Mental Capacity

Post by Dennis »

Hello. I ran into this problem when I created an arcanist recently as I learned both TRIQUETRA and CROSS as a novice arcanist at level 3. This resulted in me having a negative Arcane Mental Capacity.

It would be nice if the ability outright described that it would consume additional Arcane Mental Capacity, or if it was offset by a corresponding increase in Arcane Mental Capacity.
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