Non-lethal Mode

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Non-lethal Mode

Post by Kismet »

What are the chances of getting a non-lethal combat toggle? Something along the lines of body parts you hit can't go below 1, but any further damage goes straight to energy while it's on? Maybe it could prevent users from causing bleeding and broken bones too?

Could be useful for things like sparring as well as allow characters who are adverse to killing certain enemies to still participate in fights with them.
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Re: Non-lethal Mode

Post by Guillaumo »

Another Idea on this!

Perhaps introduce a Sap/Blackjack which can used to SAP a target which is either actively staggered, or, attacked from stealth.

[NSFW: Language, Violence]
[A video of a dude getting absolutely SAPPED in Boardwalk Empire S01E06]

Some caveats would need to be that if the target is an NPC, it should generate no experience, drop no loot, and generate no practice if killed while knocked out, or, for x amount of time (5 or 10 minutes?) once recovered (i.e. to not turn it into a crowd control device for combat).

Not my best idea, but it's an idea!
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