New helpfile/wiki article: Soul

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New helpfile/wiki article: Soul

Post by Rias »

What is a soul? We don't have a perfect answer, but now we have some of the most commonly-held beliefs in a helpfile/wiki article which can be perused by typing HELP SOUL in-game, or [url=[clicking here to go to the wiki article[/url].

It's all very generalized information, but as I was writing up a blurb on Yru I thought it would be good to get some general Soul Lore out there. The more specific beliefs and views on souls by culture or religion will be added to their associated articles rather than trying to cram it all into this one.
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Re: New helpfile/wiki article: Soul

Post by Lexx416 »

Well now you know I'm gonna come up with a hundred questions about the COGG cosmology now.

Joking aside (sort of a joke), very interested in this new article, and love that I have more things to mix around in my Crackpot Theory Soup filled brain.
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