Glyphs for everyone

The usage of arcane glyphs and diagrams to power a wide variety of occult rituals.
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Glyphs for everyone

Post by nobody »

I recently heard that suggestions are needed for more mundane glyph uses, so I thought about that from two directions:
1 - a simple thing a glyph could do leading to a mechanical impact
2 - mechanics that could be use some occult wonder, so long as it doesn't mess with skill investment value elsewhere

Suggestions that flow from glyph idea to mechanical effect:
  • Fortourgy umbrella - stay dry in the rain
  • Fortourgy snow shoes - make walking through heavy snow not cost travel time.
  • Jump enhancement glyph - reduce mounting time by 1s, reduce energy cost of climbing upward (does nothing for downward climbs)
Suggestions that flow from game mechanics to glyph ideas:
  • Crushing ore is kinda terrible. A glyph that makes ore brittle to reduce crush time (or for the lucky Shadgard residents, reduce the amount of steam crusher pressure consumed) would be cool.
  • A glyph that seperates metal ore from stone (converts an ore bearing stone to barren and produces an ore powder?) would be even more useful, even if the energy cost of the glyph is the same as manually crushing ore.
  • A glyph that reduces (halves?) falling damage, maybe by making you weigh less (and be easier to knock down?)
  • Digging is manual labor that requires no skill, so it wouldn't really step on anyone's toes if there were a glyph to make it easier (digging clay, sand, worms, dirt... wells?)
The climbing glyphs would be most valuable for explorers (adventurers) who actually climb on the regular (and thus are likely to have higher climb skill). As long as benefit scales more with climb skill than arcana skill, it shouldn't change who we expect to see climbing.
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Re: Glyphs for everyone

Post by Prism »

I suggest shower glyph.

Draw circle, draw glyph, step inside, water rushes around you and cleans you off. Repeat for burst of hot air that dries you off
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Re: Glyphs for everyone

Post by Lexx416 »

I'd love to see little low-point cost "vanity" glyphs. Different varieties of colorful Lumourgic displays (basically little flameless/smokeless fireworks), which could get really cool for Arcanists with their more advanced separators (and especially if they get glyphs that allow for delayed reactions, etc.). Pre-programmed noises and sounds (varying from animal noises to unnerving, hollow howling wind), being able to temporarily cause items to glow (although that might be more of a future thing to do with distyr), little pre-programmed Lumourgic scenes - essentially holograms of specific things on repeat.

I think once glyphs can be unlearned, being able to pick up a couple of "oh this is fun" glyphs would be great for non-Arcanists, and having "these are fun and let's see what we can do with ADVANCED ARCANE TECHNIQUES" sounds like it'd be cool for Arcanists to play around with :)
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Re: Glyphs for everyone

Post by Gorth »

I'm just going to say, one second reduced mounting time could potentially be bonkers levels of good, for 400 riding players. I don't recall offhand if 400 Riding is one or two seconds of roundtime, because I have no active 400 Riding characters ATM. At least on my Marauder it would have been super good, because I tended to have to mount and dismount midfight to get off staggers and whatnot to remain viable. This was not the case with Dreadnought.
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Re: Glyphs for everyone

Post by Dennis »

Magic Mouth - Speak a line while standing in the circle, and the next time someone enters the room the mouth will say the thing you said before it vanishes. Leave traces of yourself where you go! It'll be like a time diluted concentrated version of Solca! Bonus points if it says it using your name, tone, etc.

Sky vision - reflect the current sky appearance in your circle. Good for stargazing indoors.

Skywriting - Write in the clouds with this magic occult. Goes well with sky vision or just craning your neck upwards.

Moonlit weapon - makes the weapon you're holding emit a candle's glow when drawn. Sheath to obscure, unsheath for effect to continue as long as duration (or dismissal).

Stop bleeding - What it says. Sometimes you run out of bandages and you need to stop bleeding. Quickly draw this magic circle on your body to stop bleeding. Does not heal wounds, just stops energy drain over time.
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Re: Glyphs for everyone

Post by tulpa »

A glyph that can be cast on a container to conceal its contents from others, causing it to appear empty. Revealing them might be possible by SEARCHing it with high Perception or Arcana. May be used in combination with a new Artifice vanish sleight of hand option.
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