Voice Chat Questions: 14 Jan.

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Voice Chat Questions: 14 Jan.

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Starting this right now because I have a question.
Speaking to you, XYZ repeats, "Why would you do that? Do you require sanity therapy?"
You say, "What?"
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Re: Voice Chat Questions: 14 Jan.

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How extensive will ESP atunements be used? Will societies have special ones? This question is prompted by a certain GM NPC.
Speaking to you, XYZ repeats, "Why would you do that? Do you require sanity therapy?"
You say, "What?"
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Re: Voice Chat Questions: 14 Jan.

Post by rocode »

1. Q: How extensive will ESP atunements be used? Will societies have special ones? This question is prompted by a certain GM NPC.

A: As extensive as we want them to be. But yeah, our intention will be societies and guilds will have them.

2. Q: Will society based abilities have different 'options' for their effecacy, eg a harbingers being the best of 'sorcery, or arcana, or linguistics' to make them versatile across the various classes?

A: You might get some abilities, but they won't be your core abilities, more like fluff or flavor. We don't want people joining societies specifically for their abilities. When societies first come out, they will probably not have any abilities.

3. Q: What do you plan for the adventurer's guild? Will we be able to purchase warhorses?

A: Warhorses are restricted to people with the Warriding ability, which Rangers of the Adventurer's Guild have. As for plans, the guild hall is still in the concept phase. There will be a central hub that isn't as big as the others and smaller hubs like a more extensive lodge and smaller waystations.

4. Q: Would you ever consider using the Mummers as a template for the Adventurer's guild?

A: That idea/theme could work as one of their spots, yeah.

5. Q: How do the Rhuidim specifically view Undm, given their focus on sorcery as a main occult specialty? I read that they look to her for information on souls, but given her dislike of netherim, do they really respect her?

A: Not so much; they are more into it for the information. Not the best of relationships.

6. Q: How does Undm view Sorcery? It's been mentioned before she disdains netherim as a corruption of the soul, but Sorcery itself is not exclusive to netherim.

A: She doesn't like it, very hesitant.

7. Q: What are some things Yruvian followers might be interested in? What colors are associated with Yru? What symbols beyond a scythe?

A: Someone asked that last week! I don't know!

8. Q: Funerary practices across Arad, please.

A: I will get back to you on that.

9. Q: Can I be a mortician?

A: If you set your heart to it.

10. Q: Is there any particular way you wish for people to go about roleplaying immortal worship? I know that for some of us harbinger god aligned ones, it can be kind of hard to know what direction to take when they don't respond. I know consistency would help with possibly getting a response, but should we be aiming for once a week? More? Less? What is the line between being devoted, and being a pesky player?

A: One important thing is tone, with rituals. If it comes across as someone being insistent or rude, it will be less likely to receive a response. If it comes across as more an act of ritualistic devotion with props and presentation and leaving an opening for a response, will be more likely to receive a response. Keeping it open-ended helps with both sides' role-play. The GMs are not around all the time or available to respond. Don't structure your devotion as do or die "give me a sign."

11. Q: How can you tell when a GM is trying to get your attention via emote?

A: Give some time for a potential GM response, and GMs are working on throwing out smaller messages to give you an indication that something is happening. Considering a different color. Maybe even a meta prefix.

12. Q: What are the plans for how housing is going to be handled? Do we have the freedom to build our own houses and descriptions, or will it be bound to more of a pre-built style of housing?

A: At least, to start, it will all be pre-determined stuff, but we do have construction skills. There are plans and hopes for options and customization, along with customization in general in relation to crafting. There will probably be storage limitations and property taxes.

13. Q: What do you foresee coming first, the faction split first or societies?

A: Personally, I am excited about the society stuff, but I think I want the faction split or exclusivity stuff done first and get feedback.

14. Q: Is the character dream thing still going? If so, what kinds of goals are you looking for? Would something like "bake the finest cake" be as acceptable as "become a pale?"

A: Yes, it is still going. Eventually, it will be an in-game thing to communicate character goals to GMs, like with the backstory command. We ask that you keep this focus on only one character per account. It exists to help the GMs understand and connect with characters, but don't expect everything to be used.

15. Q: Are knights or something similar, like samurai or some other kind of noble warrior class, a thing in the dominion?

A: There is probably a rough equivalent, but nothing specific at the time.

16. Q: Just a curious demographics question, but if you're comfortable sharing it, what's the highest death counter in COGG?

A: Whoever Fellborn is most interested in at the time.

17. Q: With the society that hates Nethrim/Undead. It mentions they may have some Immortals that support them. Is it possible Hesutu might support them for example, despite potentially being a Harbinger god. Given his known hatred off them?

A: Not officially, with long-term interests.

18. Q: Is it possible to spawn an immortal with enough belief, the same way it's possible to kill them off with the lack of it?

A: Good question, smiley face.

19. Q: Do we know the names of Mistral's council?

A: Yes, I have them written down somewhere. Myras, Koulter, Naymar Solsa (fishing fleet).

20. Q: What level of customization should we expect the artisans guild to be capable of achieving? Would you consider something similar to the builder role for craftsmen players who want to have the ability to make more 'customized' pieces?

A: We want some GM input on customization, so an unsupervised builder role isn't in immediate plans.

21. Q: Assuming the faction split comes after societies, will being a registered shadgard citizen bar you from joining harbingers? I'm in a strange place in that my character would likely chose shadgard, but on a meta level, i know i'll eventually have to settle in mistral. So will citizenship in shadgard make me ineligible with going through things like society joining and eventually becoming more dominion focused more gradually?

A: I would avoid being locked into a faction to which a specific society won't be available.

22. Q: Do you foresee a command to remove enemies from our enemies list, eg accidentally targeted horses...and more importantly, Shadow familiars

A: Better handling of targets is in the works.

23. Q: Will there be different sorts of drugs that a Physicker can make for various things?

A: Buffs? Yes. Recreational? Probably not.

24. Q: I've heard that in-game weather is based on real-life weather. Are there any plans to "normalize" weather in the Lost Lands so that it doesn't necessarily reflect real-life extremes?

A: Arcanists may be able to help with normalizing weather for crops etc.

25. Q: Is there an arcanistristmas part 3?

A: Definitely more in the pipe!
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