NPC wariness of occult diagrams in public spaces

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NPC wariness of occult diagrams in public spaces

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Per the changelog: Drawing occult diagrams in most public places within outposts/towns will now warn the player that such things are considered inconsiderate and potentially dangerous to the public, and will require a confirmation to proceed with the drawing of the base of an occult diagram.

The average citizens and outpost inhabitants don't know the difference between a distyr or a dorun, a fathys or a taqet. For all they know, that occult diagram could be the beginnings of a working that lights the place on fire, knocks everyone down with a burst of force, erases memories, or turns people into frogs! Or maybe one of those infamous unintended arcane accidents will occur from a flawed diagram despite the artist's best intentions. Occult arcana is wonderful, but it's also mysterious and unpredictable and scary to the vast majority of Lost Lands citizens who aren't specifically studying it. Some outposts may eventually give out licenses which people can flash to assure the citizens that they're a licensed and trusted worker of occult arcana, but for now it's best for those occult diagrams to be put together in more out-of-the-way spots without bystanders to be concerned about someone toying with the laws of reality right next to them.

PLEASE NOTE: This should *not* be considered new or recent behavior by NPCs. Lore-wise the inhabitants of the outposts have always viewed arcane workings in public with this kind of wariness and worry. There just wasn't an actual coded mechanic to show it in the game until now.
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