Mistral Lake Winter Solstice Events

Events run by players - no GMs necessary!
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Re: Mistral Lake Winter Solstice Events

Post by Tessa »

Thank you guys so much for all the fun! I, and my character, didn't think this would be what it turned out to be, and I know for sure my char is feeling extremely grateful to feel included. Amazing job to the staff and Delphine, you guys are amazing. Shout out to the one person who made my character dance, that was a fun and surprising twist. Good night from the frozen tundra of Alaska!
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Re: Mistral Lake Winter Solstice Events

Post by artus »

I still can't help but laughed when I was where I wasn't supposed to be and got both ic and ooc beep to get out, lol. A laugh of the day for me and a grin worthy rp just before the party started.

Shoutout to everyone awesome and special shoutout for Alexei for breaking the ice. It was already hard to keep up with internet issue+emote rain and I was overwhelmed ic and ooc. Without you, I'd have likely been a wallflower and nothing more. Love you folks. Keep up!
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Re: Mistral Lake Winter Solstice Events

Post by Bean »

Man, I don't even know what to say. This was such an experience.

Oh wait, yes I do.

Thank you so, so, so much for this event. GMs, players. All of you were lovely tonight.

From all of the amazing NPC interactions lately, to the merchants, to the night itself, the staff has been on such a roll lately, and that's not to mention all the other little things recently that weren't even related to the ball, yet still left me smiling like an idiot after.
*I'll get that meddling coydog next time, mark my words!

And to my fellow players, I just want to let you know that I appreciate each and every one of you. Delphine, for all your hard work getting this off the ground. To be honest, I never knew events so involved were even possible before you started doing the moving and shaking, and because of that, we all got to move and shake on the dance floor. Pigeon, for being so great about making sure that we had lovely outfits to show up in. The way you strived to make everybody feel included really warmed my heart. The same goes for you, Zakalwe, you dapper coat man you. Seeing your emotes with everybody else was such a joy. And Reslior. Don't think I've forgotten you. The way you weaved your way through the party, making sure everybody got some social time as your character progressively got absolutely piss drunk really made the ball feel all the more like one. So many people worth mentioning, I swear.

You all, every single one of you, made the ball what it was. Yeah, you did that. Players, staff. Don't you think that's great? So please, whoever you are, if you're reading this, absolutely feel free to pat yourself on the back for that. :)

And, finally, I'd like to wish everybody an early Merry Christmas and a happy new year. What an absolutely stellar way to welcome the winter, and the year to come.

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Re: Mistral Lake Winter Solstice Events

Post by Bean »

How could I have forgotten? You, the guy who set up warmth glyphs on the way and let us all live out our own dreams of being one with the disco ball. You the real MVP.
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Re: Mistral Lake Winter Solstice Events

Post by Reslior »

I just wanted to pop in and offer my little gratitudes for last night's event.
  • Cerise. Really. WTF. You killed it.
  • Zakalwe, you give me a level of wit and refinement and quick fingers to live up to.
  • Suzy! You literally crushed the dance floor and were perhaps the only person more drunk than Reslior.
  • Pigeon and Sarah, you are social pillars. I can't say enough to appreciate the steadiness of your RP.
  • Briallen: Thanks for getting off the couch! I saw you struttin' by the end!
  • Crispus, Black, Kordelia, (and Cerise) your skill at conversational emotes floors me. I got lost several times just watching.
  • Miralania, for being the sauciest wallflower
Everyone else: I either haven't met you or couldn't keep up with whatever awesome RP you were on about! A big shoutout to staff for the work they put into the evening, into the world, into our little lives across the internet. After a decade away from MUDing, this has been such a highlight and reminder why I have always been so fascinated and compelled by this collective creative art form. I'm not sure we'd make a good book, but we'd make a hell of a read!

And thank you, so much, for the alterations. My very first here and some of the few I've ever had the opportunity to get in all my years playing. I've always seemed to be late to the game.

It's good to be back.
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Re: Mistral Lake Winter Solstice Events

Post by darkangel »

I'm again late to the party! :)
Anyway, thank you everyone for a fabulous time, put it simply.
special shoutout to :
* to the staff for all your hard work, and the absolutely lovely customizations.
* Cerise for organizing this
* Malithese, Alexei, Suzy, Pigeon, and Sarrah for a wonderful dance routine.
* lastly, to all my fellow players, it was a fun storm of emotes to go through.
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Re: Mistral Lake Winter Solstice Events

Post by Lamia »

Thank you for the lovely party :)

The design of the room, the food and souvenirs, that beautiful tree all felt wonderfully festive. And the crowd of people taking part!

I know I missed a ton of good stuff just because there was so much, and I had a hard time keeping up with myself, never mind everyone and everything else. But I'll say there was some stellar RP on display there all night. Also, everyone looked pretty splendid. Thanks to The Seamstress and to Elric for turning us all out so pretty and all :D
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