Unto the Worshipful Mayor of Shadgard.

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Unto the Worshipful Mayor of Shadgard.

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Des 13.
At Shadgard.

Unto the Worshipful Mayor of Shadgard, & the esteem'd Councillors of the same,

I AM given to understand that there is some Question or Doubt respecting the Loyalty of my self, or of my Household. I am further given to understand that this Doubt has infected Persons not even of my Household, & that one or another has lost their Position -- their philanthropickal, patriotic Position -- on account of being associated with my self. It may be that I mistake me, & that Your Worships know better than I.

I have promis'd & sworn my self to Shadgard, Time & Time again, & you well know this. I have requested, required, or desir'd no Thing in Return. I will continue to direct my Household to serve the interests of Shadgard -- & of yr Worships -- as long as I shall abide here. The Notion that I should do else is abhorrent to me.

How is it, then, that when some Question should have arisen, respecting my Loyalty (or that of any Man, Woman, or Person of mine -- which is the same thing) that yr Worships should not have thought it meet to address me directly?

Yr Worships know that I consider my self a a Gentleman, & a Nobleman, by Birth. I have been at pains never to press any Claim upon the latter Head here at Shadgard. I address yr Worships as a Citizen, & I seek no higher Title than that. You will be pleas'd to answer me, & give an Accounting of how it comes that you have thought fit to do as you have done. It is my Desert, as a Citizen.

I am, with the greatest Respect,

Shadgard's very devoted Svt,

(Sealed in vermillion wax with a demi-horse rampant)
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