Mad Man's Arcanistristmas ideas

The usage of arcane glyphs and diagrams to power a wide variety of occult rituals.
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Mad Man's Arcanistristmas ideas

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As always, just ideas for Rias to pick through and others to comment on. As per last time I posted a list of ideas, it's a mix of stuff anyone can use and Arcanist-only.

Force Modulation Glyph:
Changes how force-based glyphs work when paired in a triquetra with them, generally adding bonuses/ for the drawback of limiting max energy by anywhere from 75 to 25 (based on arcana skill) while active+having potential drawbacks otherwise. May require an Arcanist to use, but the effects transfer to anyone stepping into the diagram (maybe even including max energy loss?).
* Dorun gains a 20% chance per activation to knock an opponent back, reducing their balance by 3+1 for every 100 arcana. chance goes up to 40-50% with more arcana skill.
* Taqet spheres split in two when thrown, allowing two attack attempts for 25% reduced max damage each should they hit. (obviously only applies to Arcanists)
* Shaol can be applied to two objects simultaneously (levitating the items in both hand slots rather than right hand) for 1.5x the energy reduction (meaning 50% more max energy loss for the weight of both combined), lowered via arcana skill down to 1.2x by skill cap.
* New effects for new fortourgy glyphs in the future.

Sonourgy Channeling (HERE WE GO) Glyph
creates a sonourgy channel much like taqet does for fortourgy. "cast" allows the Arcanist to fire concentrated audio bursts at targets, which does little in the way of harm, but those caught in it receive arcana-scaling balance loss instead of damage. dodgeable the same way taqet is.

Lumourgy Channeling (YEP) Glyph:
Much like taqet, creates a channel for lumourgy instead. "cast" allows the Arcanist to direct small super-heated light rays at targets, very effective against netherim, especially ghosts. I don't wanna say it but... fire damage? Maybe puncture damage+fire damage? Obviously dodgeable the same way taqet can be (not necessarily firing them at the speed of light, y'know?)

Booming Noise Glyph:
Only activates if used with taqet or sonourgy channeling in a triquetra (meaning Arcanist-only); grants a percentile chance (scaling with arcana again) to apply a percentile (not scaling with arcana, 15-25%?) debuff the target's perception for a short while and lower their balance by a small amount (1-3?) on hitting with taqet. Lowers max energy by 25-50 or maybe has limited activations before it wears off regardless if the channel is still open.

Brilliant Flash Glyph:
When activated, grants the activator a single use floating orb that offers minimal light (think similar to how taqet looks but glowing faintly). The effected can then use x command (flash? activate <glyph name>?) to set off a flash of light, blinding others in the room for x seconds (MAYBE give this a duration buff via arcana skill, but only a minor one). Basic "anybody can get and use" Glyph.

Distracting Tone Glyph:
Similar to brilliant flash in that it requires a command to activate. Creates a single use charge that can be activated and lowers a target's perception (percentile, not that much) for a period without breaking stealth. Basic "anybody can get and use" Glyph.
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