Snipers and Hiding/taking Cover

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Snipers and Hiding/taking Cover

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There's currently a couple areas that have snipers that fire at you if you are out in the open. This is pretty neat and adds a new level of danger to the area. That being said, there are some frustrations I'm experiencing, and I'm sure others are as well. If you are in such a room and you are fired upon, you are unable to hide or take cover of any kind. Presumably this is because when you are attacked these commands are blocked from you because the game assumes the hostile entity is too close for that to be impactful. However, given that these are snipers firing from a long distance away, it seems reasonable that someone could in fact take cover or hide from such attacks. Simply put, attacks made through arrow slits should not cause the same 'under attack' condition as being fired upon or engaged by someone in the same room, thus allowing the individual to hide/take cover.
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Re: Snipers and Hiding/taking Cover

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Obviously this doesn't apply to if you need to unhide and do something, but regardless of stealth, you can sneak through an area without snipers ever being aware. I feel like there should be some way for someone in a lookout position to spot you, but I understand why not.
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