To Clarify on Current Town Standings

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To Clarify on Current Town Standings

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I just want to address current events and trends noticed from staff when we've been dropping by to watch you all RP, or from ourselves as characters joining in RP.

Currently, there is no conflict between Mistral and Shadgard. No town has given the other a reason to be aggressive with one another. Suspicious, certainly. Wary, yes. It is well known that the Dominion wants to expand, and it is also well known that Shadgard heavily dislikes anything of the occult (yes, even druidry and arcana,) but they are not brandishing pitchforks and torches at each other yet. Therefore there is no reason citizens of Shadgard cannot attend and participate in Mistral located events and vice-versa.

The plan is that the two towns will be at odds, though this is OOC knowledge. The divide is in the future and timing is uncertain.

When thinking about your character's participation in events, please consider:
  • Why does you character hate the other town?
  • What reason has the other town given your character for their dislike?
  • Are you playing the game as your character, or are you playing your character with your OOC knowledge that there will be this conflict in the future?
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