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Post by Teri » Tue Nov 22, 2022 5:51 pm

Of events my character has been involved the past two months that don't include Mistral, they have overall been stumbling into stacks of enemies and dying. I know that is enjoyed in varying degrees by players and reinforces the lands are dangerous, but some less violent events would be appreciated. I'd personally like something to help Shadgard in some way. I thought the donation drive in Mistral was very neat. I appreciate the focus and tweaking of Mistral and other recent changes, and acknowledge there are intended plans in the works, but do admit to some jealousy and sort of general waiting limbo. I know Mistral players have been waiting a long while to move and spur their own stories, so I don't want to come across as begrudging that. I felt spurred to make this post as a few people commented to me about feeling a bit at loose ends on the Shadgard side. I stress again, I appreciate all the work gm's have been doing on everything.
As far as events, what event themes would people be interested in?
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Re: Events

Post by Navi » Tue Nov 22, 2022 6:18 pm

I personally really like the community building events. Alteration merchants are great and all, but it's a lot to ask for. Similarly, setting up plots takes a lot of effort, and it does seem like the event staff are primarily focused in Mistral at the moment. However, even just being like, alright guys, it's time to renew/upgrade/install more steam/water/gas pipes! Let's start forging! Would be really great. Though I'm bias as my character recently maxed out metalworking. It could be anything really. A storm rolls in and heavily damages local homes so now they need more timber to rebuild or something. I know in the past these were finished in record times, so a lot of little ones to give people plenty of opportunities to participate and keep busy would help alleviate this. Shadgard does have quite a lot of crafters, so I think these would hit a lot of the marks for players. There's always setting up an escort to take our favorite gearhead up to Mistral and examine the clock tower that's in the old ruins to round out the lineup to also include combat oriented players of course. I hope this is helpful.
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Re: Events

Post by Delphine » Tue Nov 22, 2022 6:46 pm

So, obviously, I'm not a Shadgard player. But I do have some ideas for some Shadgard events!

I would just like to post a quick disclaimer, though, and say that aside from that one time I overheard some bandits gossiping at the bandit camp, pretty much any time I've managed to get GM attention has been in direct response to something I was doing. For example, I hosted an event in Mistral (a community meeting) and a GM showed up with a NPC. I was overheard by another GM discussing another event I wanted to host IC and now (I believe) said GM intends to do something with that future event (if they have time). So, I would generally advise that if people want GMs to be paying attention to a place more, that they should maybe forge ahead with their own player-driven RP and see if they can get a GM interested in supporting it. Like I 100% intended to just do a collection for food and blankets for the Dominion outposts manually up in ML and then see if I could get a GM to take the collections off of me so we could have some closure and then it turned out there was an official drive for such things. Which was great. One less thing for me to do.

Anyway. Disclaimer finished! And I really like the ideas that Navi has posted. Now on to my ideas:
  • I've always thought it would be cool to see an accident at the mine that leads to a community thing. Physickers are needed to aid the injured and everyone else can help clear out the rubble and restore the collapsed mine shaft.
  • This would be a more involved plot, but maybe there's a murder in the streets and there could be a whodunnit plot that goes on for a bit and eventually has a conclusion. Maybe even a hanging!
  • Any sort of anything to do with the Republic. I know this is coming soon(tm), and that we're still without an official Republic flag. But I'm sure people would be tickled pink for any sort of Republic teaser. Maybe a Republic scout in Shadgard poking about? A VERY MUCH NOT SUSPICIOUS BLOKE hanging out at the warehouse? Just listening? Putting out feelers?
  • The cultists start kidnapping people. (I know this is more combat-oriented, maybe. But I had to throw that in because they are right there.)
  • Something at the church. Like maybe a community prayer for something or another. This one would probably be best as a player-driven thing. A player can host a community prayer and maybe do a collection like the one I was planning in ML (taking up food and blankets for the poor). If a GM can, a church NPC could pop in.
  • Just in general puppeting a NPC every now and again to give Shadgard some flavor. Like maybe ol' Hildi starts chatting up someone.
  • Once the gates close to visitors, toss out a traveling merchant in Shadgard. That has some cool Yule trinkets. ML can get one, too, I guess. But we already have a lot of fancy-fancy things and it might be nice for Shadgard to get some fancy little baubles, too.
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Re: Events

Post by Gorth » Thu Nov 24, 2022 11:49 pm

On combat events:

I feel like combat events would feel more rewarding, yes, even deathstacks -- if some of them had more story. I'm sure there's plots in work, but a lot of times I've just been riding down the road and hit a stack of nine bandits that kill me and my horse, and then I take some people and we kill them and I just feel like my time, XP bucket and horse have been wasted. More plot just in general, would be appreciated for those.

Also, in the idea of moving away from deathstacks now and again, I think it would be super neat if someone needed to 1V1 some big mob, or small group fights, or something, however that would end up happening.
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