Physicker Ability: Double-Shift

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Physicker Ability: Double-Shift

Post by Maina » Sat Nov 19, 2022 2:22 pm

A lot of our physickers seem over-worked, and it can also be difficult to find one when you need one now that there are two factions. Thus:


An ability to allow a physicker to be on-duty while offline, letting them sell therapies and medical treatment so long as they:
1. Have the materials for it
2. Have set prices for it

Would probably basically create an NPC in their place when they log off in an Infirmary room. Or something like that.

Crafters can consign to make a profit while offline, and that's very helpful so that you don't have to play at the same times as a crafter to get service.

I think physickers should be the same. If nothing else, people playing at off-hours might get screwed due to lack of active physickers.

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