Of Arcanist Circle Durations

The usage of arcane glyphs and diagrams to power a wide variety of occult rituals.
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Of Arcanist Circle Durations

Post by Guillaumo » Sat Nov 12, 2022 5:15 pm

Following up on the Voice Chat question of today which was:
Is the duration of Arcane Circle effects intended to stack if you walk into a circle for an effect while already under the effect?

Working off my interpretation of the answer of: Probably? I have the following suggestion.

Instead of either needing to draw a circle, activate it, then draw another circle and activate it again, or, draw multiple circles across multiple rooms, I propose the following theory:

Ability: Arcanist Constructs
Prerequisite Abilities:
Occult Diagrams
Prerequisite Skills:
Arcana: 175
(This ability can be learned any number of times, at most once every 175 Arcana skill.)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_fdWqu ... ro%C4%8Dko
[Video of Stargate Goa'uld transport rings, which is of 5 Rings descending from the heavens to allow TELEPORTATION, lol]

This would replace Beldi as the activation glyph. When drawn, an ARCANIST would be able to place a Circle, a Line, an Effect, and a "Construct Glyph" down. When Activated, The circle would rise off the surface of the ground in an impressive display of creepy magic.

The Arcanist could then Add an additional Circle to the Circle (since the original circle is now floating and activated), and start over. For every 175 Arcana, the Arcanist would be able to add a circle. So at 700 Arcana the Arcanist would be able to have 5 Circle (4 floating, 1 on the ground with Beldi). This could do one of two things.

1- Allow an Arcanist to prepare a stack of n circles, all of the same effect, to apply a duration of Base Duration * n. Or, if people think it's viable, create a stack of different effects, which can all activate at once with a duration of Base Duration * n of how many circles of that effect are in the stack.

Personally, I don't mind if we can stack effect, or, if mixing effects would botch the circle. I will leave that up to community input on this idea :)

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Re: Of Arcanist Circle Durations

Post by Ralnos » Sat Nov 19, 2022 7:27 am

Arcanists do sorely need a way to expedite the "buffing period" or at least store a small number of glyphs on disposable items in order to activate them on demand. Presently, stacking durations is ??? and only works for some glyphs, it seems like, which is okay but it takes a good 5-10 minutes to stack all of the stuff on yourself alone.

A way to have either apply a single glyph effect to a group of people or something like this and being able to apply multiple glyph effects to a single individual at once would be excellent. Just as long as we're not opening wormholes to alien planets with hostile overlords and hyper-strong not-so-human parasite incubator soldiers.

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