Planned Societies

Talk about Societies in general that doesn't relate specifically to any particular existing Society.
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Re: Planned Societies

Post by Navi » Sun Mar 13, 2022 7:19 pm

A society geared towards engineering based around escaping the lost lands.
wander without wanting, thrust into lands unknown. the shadows shift and change, and the worlds with them.
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Re: Planned Societies

Post by Marcuson » Sun Mar 13, 2022 10:18 pm

That's a fair assessment, Rias. And I really like the idea of Societies being centered around a cause as well as being class-neutral.

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Re: Planned Societies

Post by Maina » Mon Nov 14, 2022 5:51 pm

Okay. Old thread, but I felt like it's better to keep stuff consolidated rather than spam threads.

I'm not sure if more ideas for future Societies are even being considered, but I was looking at the list and realizing my main character really has nowhere to fit... while realizing there is maybe a gap that could be filled?

A society kind of acting as an opposite of the Harbingers. The idea is self-empowerment. If one is involved with the Immortals, it's learning and inspiration - treating them as resources to draw from and study rather than objects of worship if one acknowledges them at all.

Rejection of Immortal worship is part of the setting, but there isn't a lot of RP to be had in... refusing to engage in something. This is an attempt to give an avenue for RP for those who want to interact with this aspect of the setting.

Of course, I don't think anyone should have the expectation of ever succeeding. It's about the RP, just like the Tse Gaiyan will never actually eliminate the Resen.

But here we go:

The Ascendants

While uncommon, there are Immortals known to have ascended to power from mere mortality. The Nuum, as a race, strive to achieve Immortalhood in their own rite. The Ascendants follow in the footsteps of these ascended Immortals.

There are many paths to follow. Some, like Kebyet, achieve it through guile and skill. Some, like Crowhaven or Amun-Rhun, achieve it through sorcery. Some, like a certain druid, are said to have achieved it through their control of primal forces.

The Ascendants each take their own path to Immortality, making it more of a group of likeminded individuals than one with a unified methodology. While some follow in the footsteps of an Immortal whose path they wish to emulate, just as many eschew Immortals entirely in favor of their own strength.

Potential perks:
-A place for people to roleplay out the attempted perfection of their chosen skill, perhaps with the option for a higher skill cap in one single specialty?
-Tasks to perform legendary tasks like the Immortals, though not necessarily mimicking them- dance for a crowd, draw power from a netherwell or animate the dead, become a tree for a while, etc. Generally do larger-than-life things at great personal risk for little tangible reward (XP heavy, riln-low?)
- Abilities designed around empowering the self, perhaps strengthening strengths and also weaknesses to lend a more classical 'hero' feel with dire weaknesses to match. A Bard can dance like Kebyet, weaving through enemies, but find themselves unable to strike a blow and useless if tripped, for example. Ideally most of these should not actually mimic an Immortal- this is not a Harbinger clone.
- Generally, a focus on people striving to be larger than life rather than material or social rewards. Better training, riskier techniques, stuff for people willing to put their life on the line just for the chance to reach a little beyond mere humanity.

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Re: Planned Societies

Post by Bonehead » Mon Nov 14, 2022 6:08 pm

I feel like any of the societies except the Harbringers can work with Characters who "Reject" Immortals. Then again, rejecting Immortals seems to be a personal character choice. Even the Nuum and Rhuidim acknowledge the Immortals, even if they don't "Respect" most of them.

You can reject something all you want, but that still doesn't mean that "Thing" won't be able to effect your life in the world of Cogg!

Except for the Harbringers, most of the listed societies seem accepting of anyone and everyone, as long as they are willing to work towards the goals said group. The reasons for why you do this can be various, and personal. They don't care, as long as you do the job.

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