The RITUAL command

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The RITUAL command

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Per the changelog: The RITUAL command can now be used as an alias for EMOTE. It works exactly the same as emoting, except that its output is also shared with any online staff in order to let them know something important is happening in a character's story. Please use this feature sparingly so as not to overwhelm staff with messages. There is no guarantee that staff will see these messages, and this feature should not be used with the expectation that staff will respond in any way. It is simply a means of sharing a moment with staff, not a means of summoning or making requests.

This has been a fairly oft-requested one, as THINK only tells staff what a character is thinking, and not what they're doing. We enjoy being kept informed of important thoughts and moments in a character's story, and this should make it a little more convenient and natural for players to do so without necessarily having to follow up an action with a THINK explaining what they just did in a sort of awkward self-narration.

P.S. PRAY already worked this way, so there is no need to put prayers in the RITUAL command for them to be seen. (Though it's also fine to do more elaborate prayers that involve actions and such via the RITUAL command if you want!)
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