New Variety of Weapons (Flavor Only?)

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New Variety of Weapons (Flavor Only?)

Post by Janarc » Tue Nov 08, 2022 2:03 pm


Rias mentioned in Discord that he'd prefer to see suggestions here on the Board, so I decided to dump a few ideas I've been holding onto. Since one-handed swords only have two craftable options right now (rapier, cutlasses and shortswords), I've put some thought into what other options might be reasonable.

Obviously, falchions seem like the low-hanging fruit since they already exist in-game. With their hack damage, and lack of armor-chink ability, they fill an interesting niche. And I really just like their look.

Another option would be sabers. Probably similar or identical stats to rapiers (or maybe slightly more durable, slightly less chinking?).

I seem to remember that CLOK had khopeshes as well, though I'm not sure if they're still thematic here.

Anyway - I just think it'd be neat to expand the craftable availability of weapons, though I imagine it's pretty low on the priority list.

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Re: New Variety of Weapons (Flavor Only?)

Post by Frisbee » Tue Nov 08, 2022 2:18 pm

Huge fan of the craftable falchion suggestion. Would definitely include one in my warrior's arsenal.

I am stealing this following idea from CLOK, but I did love it, and I do believe it might have its uses here. It was great fun, imagining my character's stealthy girlfriend pull out a pair of dagger-like hairpins. I'd imagine they should serve similar functions to stilettos? Maybe be a little less effective because they're also intended for something else?

I've seen broadswords mentioned left and right, and I think it'd be great if some of our characters were finally able to use them, someday.

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Re: New Variety of Weapons (Flavor Only?)

Post by Gorth » Tue Nov 08, 2022 2:23 pm

Frisbee wrote:I've seen broadswords mentioned left and right, and I think it'd be great if some of our characters were finally able to use them, someday.
As much as I dislike additions because a majority of people inevitably end up using them for a while because 'cool new thin' and it means that you have to wait and hope that people stop doing that if you actually have something planned for them (plate armor) and want to seem cool, I would jump on Broadswords the instant the came out. Those and Bearded Axes (though I believe Rias has said we aren't likely to get more axes).

Sorry for that runon sentence! Wheeew!
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Re: New Variety of Weapons (Flavor Only?)

Post by Reslior » Tue Nov 08, 2022 3:25 pm

Okay, I think about this a lot. I am a total historical weapon nerd and this is something I desperately want to see. So, here's how I'd break it down, mechanically speaking:

One Handed Swords:
Single-edged sword, heavy curved: hack and slash (60/40)
  • Falchion
Single-edged sword, light curved: slash only
  • Scimitar
Single-edged sword, cut and thrust: slash and pierce (70/30)
  • Broadsword
Double-edged sword, cut and thrust: slash and pierce (50/50)
  • Schiavona
    Arming Sword (or just "sword")
    Bastard Sword (one-handed, -10% DF, extra reach)
Single-edged sword, recurved: hack only
  • Kopis/Khopesh
Sword, thrusting: pierce and slash (80/20)
  • Rapier
Long knives: slash and pierce (50/50)(extra DF & reach)
  • Seax
    "Shortsword" (these are a vague fantasy item)
Short knives, single-edged: slash and pierce (70/30)
  • Bowie
    Kitchen/Eating knife
Short knives, double-edged: pierce and slash (60/40)
  • Dagger
    Main Gauche
Short knives, thrusting: pierce only (bonus against armor)
  • Stiletto
Two-Handed Swords
Long Sword, double-edged: slash and pierce (50/50)
  • Longsword
    Bastard sword (two-handed, -15% DF)
Long Sword, curved: slash only
  • Kriegmesser
Great Sword, double-edged: hack and pierce (50/50)(+20% DF, extra reach, exhausting)
  • Zweihander
Great Sword, recurved: hack only (+20% DF, bonus against shields, exhausting)
  • Rhompaia
I'm not sure of balance on other DF, reach, etc suggestions, but I think it conveys the point.

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Re: New Variety of Weapons (Flavor Only?)

Post by Rias » Thu Nov 10, 2022 1:09 pm

These are some great suggestions, thank you! I'll keep this post bookmarked for when I want to chase this particular butterfly and add some more weapon variety.
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