Ideas for future Harbinger commands

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Ideas for future Harbinger commands

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So while I was going about my day today, I ended up thinking of a few commands that might enhance QoL for future Harbingers (because, I mean, what else are you going to be thinking about while you go about your day?)

I can think of at least two dark immortals who would get a real kick out of a live human sacrifice, but at present, the only real way to accomplish this is either through pure RP or by doing the praying and slaying bit (dedicating a hunt to your immortal of choice through prays before going on a murder hobo spree) and while I think that's a perfectly viable RP option, it might be nice to have something a little different if someone ever wanted to RP out a ritual at a pace that wouldn't be dictated by random mobs busting in on them like the Kool-Aid man.

So here we have the Harbinger-specific restrain command that would only work on NPCs and it would work a bit like trying to catch a Pokemon in one of the many popular Pokemon games in the sense that you're not going to have much success if you try to restrain a perfectly healthy victim. You'll have to wear them down a bit first (and maybe break their legs). Once they are restrained, they could then be loaded up in a cart and taken somewhere or dragged, etc. I think it would be good for it to be possible to release them if maybe you change your mind or something else comes up (or you decided to impromptu start a Liberi fight club in the temple) and you need to take a raincheck. And I think, perhaps, the ropes you would need to use to accomplish this should be a one-use thing so you would need to keep investing in your kidnapping efforts if you wanted to truly commit to it.

How I picture this would work: You find a NPC. You pull out your whooping stick. You break their legs. You pull out your rope of kidnapping. You try to restrain. Some sort of roll happens. (Melee, maybe? Since you're literally tackling them and trying to tie them down while they, presumably, fight you off.) If you fail, get rekt. You're now in RT. If you succeed, huzzah! (You're also still in RT, but hey, you have your victim.)

Potential unexpected shenanigans: If you could, in fact, release your victim, I could imagine some Harbingers being trolls and dumping a bunch of infested in the canyon outside of Shadgard. So maybe having a way to release them wouldn't be great. Or if they could be released, uh... I don't know. Shenanigan responsibly.

This doesn't have to be Harbinger specific. I just think it would be cool to have a new verb preach that would work like how sing, pray, or recite currently do.

I keep going back and forth on if this would be necessary or not. It could be a fun bit of flavor to tie in with the aforementioned restrain command? Essentially, I am envisioning this as being a one-shot way to finish off a restrained victim, sacrificing them to your dark immortal of choice. You have them in your holy space. You do your praying and emote out whatever it is you're doing there. And then you can "sacrifice liberi to aranas" and it might print something like:

Pulling out a ceremonial knife, you proceed to sacrifice a Liberi marksman (restrained) to Aranas.

Maybe this is logged? If it was logged, though, it might be good to limit this or at least set a policy like, "Hey, bud, if you want to sacrifice 50 Liberi to Aranas, groovy. But only use the sacrifice command on the first one and just beat up the other 49 the old-fashioned way and then pray about it." Otherwise I could see some enthusiastic Harbingers getting out of hand and no one really wants to be spammed by that.
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