Shadgard Firearms re-opening!

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Shadgard Firearms re-opening!

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The Shadgard Firearms shop on Main Street has re-opened after some renovations! Mr. Finn has given over the business side of things to his daughter Pearl so he can focus fully on the crafting of flintlock pistols. "We live in a dangerous place out here in the Lost Lands," Pearl was heard saying at the re-opening. "Every Shadgard citizen deserves the peace of mind that a means of self-defense brings. Pistols are convenient to carry and easy to use. They may not be the best option for an extended hostile encounter, but for the common everyday citizen they provide a form of self-defense that can be carried at their side and scare off opportunists who would prey on those who are unarmed and unable to defend themselves."


The Shadgard Firearms shop is open again at last! Nothing fancy here: just basic pistols, shot, powder, and holsters. At the very least, Shadgard flintlock users have a way to replenish their powder supply now.
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Re: Shadgard Firearms re-opening!

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Thank you! That is all!
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