The Diary of Gmo. LaFever

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The Diary of Gmo. LaFever

Post by Guillaumo » Mon Oct 10, 2022 9:05 pm

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15-Septum 1208 [[over a decade ago]]

My life in the Lost Lands has not been what I had hoped it would be. How
could it have been? The promises of the Agent were clearly oversold. I
could kick myself for buying into his flowery language; but what were my

Slaving away on the wharfs in Tol Rhun for barely enough riln to buy a
loaf of bread was not a life worth living. No. But it was a life befit-
ting of my station. My station. That is why I set off for the Lost Lands
is it not? Inside of these cursed lands I could have have the opportunity
to become anything. I suppose I was not prepared for that anything to be
a vagrant.

At least in Tol Rhun I had a bed in the boarding house, rat infested as it
was, in the third gate. I was completely unprepared to be dumped upon the
shoreline with little more than the clothes upon my back. I was extremely
fortunate that the Agent threw me overboard in the proximity of New Ember-

The ramshackle nature of the settlement and its reliance on the sea for
survival made it the perfect setting for me to slip into unnoticed. A
piece of discarded netting, a bent hook, and a warped tree branch was
all I needed to ply my trade. Fortunately, it was the only thing I man-
aged to bring with me on this adventure, and I plan to leverage it as
much as I can.

I have since purchased a coin-purse. It's lighter than I would like for
it to be, but it is slowly growing more full right along with my stomach.
Praise be to Amon-Rhun for Eleuila's hospitality. I'd likely have starved
to death upon my arrival if it had not been for her generosity. I truly
do hope to make it up to her one day.

As for now, however, I have learned of a library to the East where I may
be able to begin to study the arts that the old gods bequeathed to my pe-
ople so long ago, even if my society saw it fit to keep the opportunity
from me. I need a plan, and to skimp until I can afford the journey, not
to speak anything of the fees which my studies will incur.

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