A Letter is Left Upon the Commons of the Library of Qamar

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A Letter is Left Upon the Commons of the Library of Qamar

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The winds of the Balkr Highlands whip ever sharper as Octum arrives. Heavy snows blankets the mountainous terrain which makes your trek to the Library of Qamar ever the more dangerous, ghastly spirits not withstanding.

As most do, you arrive in the common room of the Library to thaw near the fireplace before you se about about your tasks which drew you here this say. As you do, you notice a small slice of parchment, pinned down by a pewter candlestick, moving ever so slightly with the wind carried from from outside.

Should you choose to read the document, you notice it is from a fellow Scholar:
.oOo.oOo.oOo. .oOo.oOo.oOo.
Do We Yearn For The Wrong Knowledge?

I am Guillaumo LaFever, a humble denizen of these
Lost Lands. While I do not come from fortunate
means, what I do possess in abundance is a thirst
for learning.

I have found the Scholars at the Library of Qamar
which quickly welcomed me in. In exchange for
performing tasks for the scholars they offered me
classes in the basics of the various topics of
study. I have since decided to devote myself to
the advanced study of Arcana and arcane glyphs.

As I listen to the murmuring of the other Arcan-
ists in the library halls about the wonder and
fantastical desires which the discovery of new
and more powerful glyphs would fulfill, I can
not help but pause and wonder. Should we be
searching for new power which we do no under-
stand instead of focusing on mastery over the
little bit which we do?

My belief is that we should be seeking a better
understanding of fundamentals. We should be
seeking out information on the addition of add-
itional geometric elements. For example, allow
us to examine the rudimentary glyph: Fatheys

[A simplified drawing of a circle bisected by a
horizontal line. The top half of the circle
bears the mark of Fatheys while the bottom half
bear the mark of Beldi]

Surely, a circle divided by a line can not be
the extent of our collective knowledge on this

I write this to my fellow Arcanists. What is
it that we can do to advance our topic of study
while anchored in reality instead of in fantasy?

Should you wish to discuss, please seek me out
in the vicinity of the Library, or, upon the
pristine alpine rivers.

From the Library of Qamar,
this 3nd of Octum, 1222.

Gmo. LaFever
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