Guardian feedback and suggestions

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Re: Guardian feedback and suggestions

Post by Talyn » Wed May 11, 2022 1:38 pm

I know the objective of a guardian is to be the protective one of the group. I think it would be kind of neat to also have their role be a bit of a tactician, and assisting with group play.

Coordinate as One: The Guardian from the backline is able to issue orders to his group for both offense or defense.
OOC: Toggle Coordinate offense/defense allowing a passive chance to gain 1 reroll for either offense/defense to their party member. Cooldown 30-60 seconds between toggle that way you can't switch between offense and defense quickly in the middle of battle.

(I know guardians aren't magical in nature or anything, which is why I thought it could be orders instead hence the passive chance to gain the additional reroll.)

Rallying Call: A guardian is the stalwart defender of his group. With a rallying shout calls the people to arms.
OOC: Shakes those mesmerized and/or feared free with a rallying cry to arms. Passive chance for this to work playing into the "Routed" willpower if they have it

A bonus effect for Stability for Guardians.

Bonus Effect: "Living wall"
Description: Increases the resist knockdown effects more than the other classes as long as they are using a large shield.
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Re: Guardian feedback and suggestions

Post by Howard » Wed May 11, 2022 6:32 pm

I really like playing my guardian, but would love to see a few more abilities to pad it out. I mentioned the antithesis to shameless opportunist -- where you get even more rerolls based on your balance - in another thread. I'd love to see Guardians having to make the call on whether to use that balance on shield bash/charge as opposed to staying defensive and being a wall.

I'd also love some form of "tactical block." Not sure what it would look like - maybe a particularly good chance, on a high block roll, to disarm the attacker? Or a more potent press ability, to push others into higher roundtime by getting up in their face.

I could also see a stance where, for decreased shield rolls (and a short period of time), there is an automatic chance to disarm an attacker.

Maybe another idea would be an ability where they can push combat maneuvers away with their shield. Allow a block roll (or increase it) for things like dirtkick, sweep, trip, tackle, etc.

I also thought about a much larger shield. Most guilds would treat it as a two-handed shield - no weapon use. The Guardians could have an ability that lets them use very small weapons (I'm really only thinking daggers) along with that shield.

Finally, maybe something to decrease multiple attacker mechanics (though I don't know how intense those are in this game).

I may be bad at combat, but it's challenging to play a guardian in higher level combat because I lack the more potent killing abilities of other combat classes. I like playing a defense-heavy class, but would like them to be a bit more known for staying on their feet and withstanding enemies.

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Re: Ability Idea

Post by Teri » Mon Jun 06, 2022 6:11 pm

Ability suggestion: Steady
The ability for a guardian to reach out and steady the person they are guarding, possible decreasing their stagger time, eliminating the stagger completely, maybe possible pull them to their feet.
I could see this as an active ability where one has to trigger it, or even something similar to quickpocket where a prompt comes up given how battles can be mass scrolling at times. I also pondered it as an ability that is used and then for 15 seconds or so the guardian watches the one they are guarding closely to automatically pick them up/decrease stagger or whatever variations.
I was also contemplating it as a general steady ability for anyone to use where they need to target with it. Steady "insert character name" with a cool down on using it. A deft recovery roll but for someone else. (I had too much time to think at work today)
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Re: Guardian feedback and suggestions

Post by Vaelin » Sun Sep 11, 2022 3:00 pm

Since I do still think guardians need more love. Some percs with warriding is in order.

Immovable object
While on an applicable mount, increases the mount's grit scaling with the rider's riding skill.

Helps to defend if your horse doesn't flee with you on it.

Another perc would be, since you're the biggest target on your warhorse, you're going to be the one getting targeted. Helps defend groups.

Other ability.

Tactical block
The guardian learns to use the momentum of a blow to their advantage.
A chance to gain small amounts of balance whenever the guardian blocks an attack.
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