Unto the worshipful Mayor of Shadgard.

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Unto the worshipful Mayor of Shadgard.

Post by Taliaferro » Mon Jul 18, 2022 4:57 am

HE STAGGERED from the crypt with the aid of his cane, leaving his companions and shielding his eyes from the light of the rising sun.

Another goddamned meaningless death, for all love.

The bewigged old man donned his cocked hat and made his way to the sign of the Hearth and Home. He touched his hat to the barman and to the maid and to an improbably armoured woman gorging herself on pancakes and carrying a pike that nearly touched the ceiling.

He climbed up the rickety stairs with his rickety legs up to his apartments and unlocked the door. He lighted a number of candles in wall-sconces and candlesticks about the room, he sat down in his desk chair and looked balefully at a couple of half-crumpled papers on the the surface of the desk.

Holding one of them up to the candlelight, and smoothing it out, he inspected it closely, with the aid of a quizzing-glass. He squinted through the glass as he reread the letter. The next letter he read with a certain pleasure.

Gods bless him. Good egg. About fornicatin' time, though.

He doffed his hat and tugged his wig from his head. He plucked the cap off of a pewter inkwell, licked the nib of a stripped quill, and dipped it into the ink. This is what he wrote:

Jul. 18.

At Shadgard.

Unto the Worshipful Mayor of Shadgard, & the esteem'd Councillors of the same,

I am a Gentleman of no Repute in this Town, having only arriv'd here (as a manner of Exile) this past Novum, nor of any Name, though the latter happens to be Taliaferro. I rent a small Croft on the Outskirts of the Town, & by Fortune & Happenstance I have accrued to myself a modest Household.

Your Worship was not long ago pleas'd to cast out one of my Servants from Town, & not without Reason. I trust you will recall the Circumstances when I say her name is Maya Badru.

It is my Opinion, that she has expiated her Crimes. I will not long trouble you upon this Head. I make no Doubt but that you know well how she has sought to protect & defend the Town, even in her Exile. Even as the Sentence of caput lupinum hangs over her.

I would that Yr Worship might rescind the said Sentence, & allow her to come back home. If it should please you do to this thing, upon my Honour & Life, I would, myself, stand Surety for her. I mean to say, that should she transgress again, I beg yr Worship that you might execute Justice upon mine own Head. Cut it off, or hang me, or exile me, or do as you like best, along with her. I dread nought, as I know she will not err again. Such is the Confidence I place in her Fidelity.

Under Cover of these Presents I enclose her own Plea, writ some time ago, along with that her Gentleman Victim (who, as Fate, ever laughing at our mortal doings, would have also to be attach'd to my Household, for his Sins). I beg that yr Worship will attend to them.

For my part, to this, I have nothing to add, except that it is my firm Opinion that this Woman, spite of her past Transgressions, will be of eminent Utility to Shadgard in the ensuing Days, wherein I think we have good Reason to expect a good deal of Opposition from those whom I beg leave yr Worship to consider our Enemies, who, if they be not at the Gates, will perforce be there presently. My Household is for Shadgard. May her Foes tremble. I am


(Two letters have been enclosed along with the latter.)

To who it concerns,

I'm sure you're aware of me and my crimes. Maya Badru, the woman who killed within the Hearth & Home. A crime, murder most fowl, of a man well respected amongst Shadgardians.
I've lived out here for quite some time, and within that time, I've forged my own path, away from the mistakes of my past, into a new future.

That day I killed Crispus was a dark one, for many involved. I was overcome with anger, and sadness, and loss and most of all confusion. A series of terrible, unforgettable mistakes. However, I write now with the intention that you might hear me and reconsider. I have spent time away from the walls, helping those who I can, where I can. I have don't my part against the Liberi of Valeria, the Bandits, even the infested. I ask you hear me and reconsider, for there are people who would likely vouch for me, should you only ask.
Thank you,

Maya Badru.

Artisday, 15th of Julium 1222

Greetings and Salutations,

My name is Crispus Sirillius Octavian Raphael DeAngelo. I've dwelled within Shadgard for near a year's time, now, and formerly hailed from Ivial.

Several months ago, I was involved in an incident within the Hearth and Home inn. Simply put-- I was thought to have been struck down by one Maya Babru. I was unarmored, and unarmed-- and wounded severely. She did attack me-- my wounds appeared mortal at the time-- and she was charged, and similarly exiled for her crimes. But fate would have it that I yet remain among the living to write this letter.

Fate would also have it that I write it on her behalf. In the time following that incident, she has faced her exile bravely, and with honor. She has continued to do what is within her power to learn from her previous errors in judgement, and forge a new path forward for herself. She has struggled, and she is weary as a result of that struggle-- but she has devoted the whole of her time and effort to make reparation for her previous actions, and shown many, myself included, that she is worthy of another chance at the safety Shadgard's walls offer.

No less, those who employed her at the time were hasty in their efforts of making what reparations they saw fit as a result of the incident. This, too, is noteworthy. As the company one keeps reflects one's own character, and she often seems to keep honorable company.

With consideration to the fact that I was the one assaulted, I would hope my own belief in her carries weight. I am not the only one who believes her worthy of another chance-- but I will be the first to attest that I am not an easy man to convince. And I have been convinced. So long as she continues to act as she has, she has my support.

 Crispus Sirillius Raphael DeAngelo
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Re: Unto the worshipful Mayor of Shadgard.

Post by Taliaferro » Wed Aug 03, 2022 12:34 am

Aug. 3.
At Shadgard.

UNTO the worshipful Mayor of Shadgard, & unto the Right Hon the Members of the Council, & unto the Hon Sheriff of Shadgard.

I do not flatter myself for a Moment that mine of the 18th ult. might have been of any Import respecting yr just Decision, with Regard to Maya Badru -- whom I call & name Captain.

It would be too illiberal of me to omit, though, my great & plentiful Thanks for the said Decision. This Kindness will not be forgotten. If my poor & humble Household may be of any particular Service to the Government of Shadgard, you have but to call upon me.

I am , very rspy,


(Sealed in vermillion wax with a demi-horse rampant.)

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