Vodr, Toteo, and the corruption of the Primes

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Vodr, Toteo, and the corruption of the Primes

Post by Navi » Sun Jul 17, 2022 10:03 am

This crackpot theory was inspired in part by viewtopic.php?f=70&t=1510

We understand Vodr :verungnr_tentacles: made a sacrifice to save the world. We understand that Toteo :toteo: also made a sacrifice to save his people. They both had similar abilities to form the worlds. If they are different entities, and not just cultural representations of the same entity, I think it is reasonable to think that their powers were equal.

So why was it Toteo had to flee, and Vodr was successful? My theory is that while Toteo relied on their own strength and power to flee, Vodr directly confronted the invading force that followed Toteo. Except, Vodr chose to utilize the nether itself, seeing the power it could offer and not having another choice. Fight fire with fire. This worked, for a time. Enough for their deed to be spread far and wide.

However, as is believed by many, sorcery, which is the manipulation of nether, corrupts. It is my belief that in saving the world, Vodr themselves became corrupted and transformed into Verungnr. A death of sorts.

It could even be that Vodr chose to absorb the nether into their being, thinking they could control it. Failing, the nether has been released back upon the world once more, though with the aid of his daughter, they are able to limit the damage done. Beyond Vodr though, who was a prime immortal, I think this could have implications across the other prime immortals. If one can fall prey to its allure, could others? Perhaps if they do not heed the example Vodr set.
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