Primalist bonuses for Growth, Bioluminescence, and [Redacted]

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Primalist bonuses for Growth, Bioluminescence, and [Redacted]

Post by Rias » Sat Jul 02, 2022 7:29 pm

Primalists have received a few bonus effects that I think are pretty nifty!

- Primalists now receive the "Bed of Moss" bonus effect from the Growth ability. I thought this would be a fun utility ability for those Primalists who are all about being out in the wilderness all the time. Why would any self-respecting Wild Person seek an inn room when they can druid up a bed of moss, grass, or foliage perfectly shaped for their body?

- Primalists now receive the "Hypnotic Patterns" bonus effect from the Bioluminescence ability. A small chance to cancel some incoming attacks for Primalists who are channeling. It may not be an efficient reason on its own to keep channeling up while in combat, but it should be a nice little perk that can add to others that are being built around making Primalists want to keep channels open more often. I also just really love this one conceptually.

- Primalists now receive the "Channeled Rage" bonus effect from a certain hidden ability. No spoilers here on the BBS for this one, but it should hopefully make a certain ability a tad more viable for Primalists who can really tap into and channel that primal power better than anyone else. Go get em!

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Re: Primalist bonuses for Growth, Bioluminescence, and [Redacted]

Post by Arphaxad » Sat Jul 02, 2022 9:35 pm


These add some great flavor as well as useful perks. Nothing unbalancing. Glad to see these!

Thanks team!


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Re: Primalist bonuses for Growth, Bioluminescence, and [Redacted]

Post by notgreg » Sun Jul 10, 2022 1:58 pm

These are all very cool! Haven't tried out Channeled Rage yet but I'm into it.

Especially loving Hypnotic Patterns, which is such a cool idea. Are you flexible at all on the current partial-nudity requirements? It might be neat for it to be like any 3 body parts, or have the percentage increase based on total exposure? I like the crazy shirtless wilder archetype as much as the next guy but that's not how all characters swing.

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Re: Primalist bonuses for Growth, Bioluminescence, and [Redacted]

Post by tulpa » Tue Jul 12, 2022 3:13 pm

Also love these changes, thank you. They've brought me back from the dark side to my Primalist once again.

One thing I am slightly disappointed with is that pole harnesses cover the back slot, so I can't benefit from the Bioluminescence bonus if I want to wield a polearm/staff/spear etcetera while also being able to sheath it. Would it be realistic for harnesses to function in the same way as chest-wraps do, in terms of exposure?

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Re: Primalist bonuses for Growth, Bioluminescence, and [Redacted]

Post by Navi » Tue Jul 12, 2022 8:39 pm

Seems like a reasonable suggestion. Why can't a pole harness just be like a haft frog on your back.
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