L. Taliaferro, unto the Fasa, GREETING.

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L. Taliaferro, unto the Fasa, GREETING.

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Hey. I really hope this is considered appropriate and cool. There isn't exactly a board category exactly fitting what I'm attempting to do, here. This is meant to be an IC letter from my character, which he's trying to send out to -- well, you'll see.

I absolutely do not expect an IG response from staff, about this. If that happens, great! If not, that's cool, too! I am quite certain the other player in question is of the same mind. We're not demanding IG stuff just because I'm making a silly forum post.

Maybe another PC could even get on this, and RP giving Artus a tattoo, which his player could later on have added to his description. (Do we even have coded tattoos, in the game? I dunno, come to think of it!)

Okay, with that out of the way, on with the show!

A BLEARY-EYED, bewigged old man entered the post office, the red-lacquered high heels of his court pumps tracking mud across the floor. One hand on his cane and one resting on the silver pommel of his smallsword, he stepped up to the counter, oblivious to the glare of the charwoman nearby.

The equally bleary-eyed postman behind the counter eyed the gentleman, not for the first time, and sighed inwardly.

"How many I be of service, sir?"

The gentleman pointed a bony finger at the postman.

"In this way, sir! I have a letter, and I want it sent to the Fasa."

"The Fasa, sir?" asked the postman, rather patiently. "They do tend to flit about a bit, don't they? Not precisely within our purview, sir."

"No, I know that! I need your help. You must meet with couriers going out and about and hither and yon, no? If you should come across any bound for towns or cities or trading-posts near where Fasa are known to be, I'll be eminently obliged if you'll give 'em one of these letters to carry."

The gentleman stacked a nearly respectable stack of silver coins on the counter, and pulled twelve folded letters from his haversack and placed them neatly beside the money. He unfolded one, and showed it the postman. It read:

UNTO the Fasa, from a Stranger, in behalf of one of your own.

Forgive the strange Address, from a Stranger. It must seem as bemusing & peculiar & insulting an Address as If I were to receive a Letter in a Bottle addressed to "The
Ætgardians". Nevertheless, I hope that these Presents wIill come to some good Body amongst you who will be able to come to the Assistance of my good Friend, who is in much Dessert of it.

As you will read in his own Words, he is
Fasa. He desires Marriage, & is in Want of the customary Marks which are necessary unto him.

His Intented is very well known to me, & is a Woman of great Honour, Valour, & Fidelity.

I will be very pleas'd to pay the Expenses, for traveling to Shadgard, of anyone answering these Presents & able to perform the requested Deed.

Under this Cover you will find this worthy Man's own earnest Writing.

I am no Thing and no Body. I am an Exile in these Lands. But as the Gods are my Life, I commend him unto you, & beg you will vouchsafe him this Aid, which will grant him & his Beloved much Happiness in this Life, & if the Gods will it, in that beyond.

Given under my Hand & Seal,


(A demi-horse rampant in vermillion wax)

I, a Fasa, coming of age and wedding a half-Fasa, have been seeking a fine Fasa tattooist who knows how to tattoo our traditional clan symbol, the Horse-Head, for both of us. I beg leave that any competent and interested tattooist might please contact me either directly via the Twilight Eye network, color deep mauve, in person by asking for Artus Arzaria, or via mail, number 5189, or Mr Talliaferro's mail, number 3415. This is a very important matter. The selected tattooist will be most appreciated and honored for life. Thank you.

Artus Arzaria

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