Scholar's guild suggestions

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Scholar's guild suggestions

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I'm coming at this from the perspective that the scholar's guild is going to be focused on knowledge acquisition, as opposed to just being a purely occultist guild. I'll likely just edit this post as I think of more abilities.

General abilities:

Tome of knowledge:
Not everybody has the abilitiy to understand glyphs, let alone record them. With the proper training, however, glyphs, diagrams, phrases of power, important histories, and a number of other magically important information can be made accessible to the owner of the tome.
The basic ability for all scholars, which allows them to keep and record information they've gathered into their tomes. (I imagine these tomes to mainly facilitate more powerful spells). Memorized scholarly things can be recorded in their tomes, which, as long as it is on their person, allows them to use them for scholarly purposes. Of course, simpler glyphs and phrases, or rote spells don't need to be transcribed.


Lore keepers dedicated to understanding the histories of the land, who understand the power within stories and relics. Many make excellent storytellers as well

Recite - Recite a memorized or recorded story and infuse the words with occult power (Similar to a chant, almost, in that only one can be maintained at a time, offering varying effects depending on the story).

Analyze - Examine an object of arcane design in an attempt to understand its purpose, its history, and, for those particularly good at it, understand the enchantment for the purposes of recreating it.

Rote spells might include things like reciting stories of bravery, or peace, as well as being able to make proper use of some artifacts. Additionally, some skilled historians might have the ability to imitate enchantments they've seen before, though the copy would be far weaker than those on the original item.

Scholars dedicated to language, who understand the power within those lost and forgotten words. Modern languages, as well as dead and ciphered language, are their forte.

Command - Certain words have great power once spoken correctly, and the discovery of them can cause interesting effects on the mind. Due to their nature, only those who the word is intended for will feel its effect.

Decipher - Allows the linguist to attempt to understand messages written in lost, dead, or coded languages.

Cipher - A trained linguist can create a CIPHER, allowing those not skilled in deciphering to read encoded messages. (Some number of ciphers can be memorized at a time, and can be taught to others, or recorded and used with the coded message to produce the decoded message.

Rote spells might cause fear, or invoke wrath, or paralyze their foe. They would be paramount to understanding some diagrams and glyphs as well, as the information cannot hope to be understood if the characters are not understood.
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