Leather Items - Mix of Animal and Not

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Leather Items - Mix of Animal and Not

Post by Karjus » Thu Feb 04, 2021 11:28 pm

Just using this to list the items currently that I've had that you can't toggle to show animal/base leather.

All of these are made of wechuge leather and don't show this, and can't be modified at all.
Pants - some fine leather pants
Thigh Sheath - a leather thigh sheath
Pole Harness - a fine leather pole harness
Backpack - a heavy leather backpack (open)
Duster - a fine leather duster

All of these were made from wechuge leather, but can't be modified to remove that, or the quality.
Haft-frog - a fine wechuge leather haft-frog
Belt - a fine wechuge leather belt
Pouch - a fine wechuge leather drawstring pouch (open)
Hat - a fine wide-brimmed wechuge leather hat
Baldric - a wechuge leather baldric
Scabbard - a wechuge leather scabbard

Seems a bit inconsistent at the moment.
- Karjus

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