Relana's Pappy

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Relana's Pappy

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If you sit inside an Inn for any length of time, you'll hear about Relena, the General Store clerk, who took over the running of the place because her pappy contracted canim-ism. Now, if the rumor is to be believed, her ol' pappy is locked in a cage in a backroom of the store .... BUT WHAT IF Relena's pappy is really the trash collector for Shadgard?

If you continue listening to the rumors, you'll likely hear one about the trash collector having friends in high places.

I then pose that the trash collector is actually Relena's pappy who was given the task of caring for the city due to his successful business venture by some hereto unmentioned council member.
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Re: Relana's Pappy

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I bet it was Graves. He's got a soft heart inside all of that gruff. Sounds familiar.
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