Patrolman's Tabards!

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Re: Patrolman's Tabards!

Post by Frisbee »

Sorry for necrobumping a bit, and shoving shinier things further down this page.

I've just come here to express my thanks for this feature. I'm late to the game due to an incurably coward main, but I've been immensely entertained since picking a tabard up. Love the scaling skill mobs, random loot, and the ability to keep others a tiny bit safer.

On that last note, I've been wondering if enabling passing characters to investigate a given room for signs of recent patroling would be worth the effort. The tracking skill in particular comes to mind, perhaps patrolmen's tracks could stand out due to their uniformity as people/horses march through, compared to more leisurely walking or riding. Or perhaps a line could be appended to the room's description that says, "There are signs of a recent battle about the area," if indeed a patrol-spawned mob was recently defeated in the room.

Or maybe this is a terrible idea! But I love this addition and think it was excellently implemented!
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Re: Patrolman's Tabards!

Post by deborah »

That's shiny, it can make even people understand that someone with patrol tag on has checked a certain area.
Nice idea!

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Re: Patrolman's Tabards!

Post by Gorth »

I'd like to suggest that people build up a hidden patrol_risk while wearing these surcoats, or after completing an encounter, that steadily ramps up difficulty. I never got a response, but with the information learned recently, I'm presuming it is intentional for mobs to load in with over 700 Melee or ranged. But they're still stupidly easy to kill. I've yet to take more than ten damage from one rolling even as high as 850, with dodge or block rolls as high as 1070, because I just charge them and they're alone. Maybe, the longer you're on the roads, the bigger of mob groups you can find, as they start to hear about some guy terrorizing the banditry. I know that'd make me patrol more. Right now it's kind of boring, I have to be honest. It's awful for money, not great for XP, and really just results me in setting out traveling down a road, switching window to read or write, and going back when I hear my audio cue for an encounter, and typing charge.

On the plus side, I get to use my audio cue:
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Re: Patrolman's Tabards!

Post by Dennis »

I just ran a 3 man patrol and a 4 man patrol the last two days. It gets really crazy all at once! While I can usually easily handle the solo patrols, group patrols turn into miniature gauntlets as you face up off against the same number of liberi as is the size of your patrol group, and they all have side-by-side...

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