Going on duty to treat frostbite etc

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Going on duty to treat frostbite etc

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As it stands right now, physickers must go on duty in order to treat frostbite, since we can't make the unguent ourselves. However, doing this triggers the NPC patients, which can be a little disrupting to rp. After all, if a physicker already had a patient, why would they be assigned someone else?

I realize the code has no way to know there's already a patient, and people understand it, but I wonder if one of the following could be introduced to make this a bit easier. It wouldn't make sense to keep treating frostbite and let someone else bleed to death!

1. Make it possible for a physicker to treat frostbite in an infirmery whether or not they're on duty.

2. Let physickers use infirmery supplies on duty or not no matter what they're trying to treat. This would be neat since obviously they have access to things there, but understandable if it's a bit too much of an advantage.

3. Have a different kind of on duty command that doesn't trigger the NPC patients.

4. Give us the ability to make the unguents.

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