Aditions to SCORE or new CHARINFO Command

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Aditions to SCORE or new CHARINFO Command

Post by Gorth » Sat Jun 11, 2022 10:23 pm

It came up in Discord that I wasn't aware what race my character was, on acount of her being mixed, and her atributes not matching what races I thought she was. Thus, could the SCORE command be modified to display that information, as in:

Race: Huecatn/Nuum

Alternatively/aditionally, if people could come up with good ideas, perhaps we could get an OOC character infor command, perhaps only available on the account screen, to see a big ol' list of a bunch of less important statistics? It could be neat to see many leagues they've traveled in the wilderness, or how much damage they've taken. Just random stuff like that. not sure if that would contribute to Database bloat, however, it's been a long time since I messed around with adding a huge amount of things into Databases for, I can only imagine the hundreds of characters that have been created.
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Re: Aditions to SCORE or new CHARINFO Command

Post by Rias » Thu Jun 23, 2022 12:51 pm

This is one of those things where I could have sworn I'd implemented it a long time ago, but hadn't actually done so. Whoops!

Per the changelog: Characters of mixed race with one or two dominant bloodlines will now see their dominant bloodline(s) displayed on the account screen and in the output of the info/score command.

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