Questions from Discord - Ongoing Thread

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Re: Questions from Discord - Ongoing Thread

Post by Kiyaani » Tue Dec 31, 2019 6:19 pm

No-question-related Answers:

You can use the LOGOUT command to log out of your character, but stay logged in as your account. Then you can log into another character without having to quit and reconnect.

On the subject of druidry stuff: I've got so many abilities set up. I just kind of hit that hurdle of "how to make druidry its own thing" and got stuck, then shelved it. I think I'm going to keep it fairly simple rather than over complicating. Some abilities will be quite simple in execution, but I like the idea of other more potent things being a bit more complex. I also like the idea of some kind of pseudo-resource-management in order to make use of druidic abilities. I do still intend on a small ritual to initially establish that druidic link, achievable in a few different ways based on how that character chooses to go about it (minor variance, mind). It will also come with the tradeoff that if you make that link and attune yourself to druidic forces, you're also making yourself susceptible to them through that same link. And some Weird Things may occasionally result from that. Which is to say: Attune yourself to druidry, and druidry can now potentially be used against you.

General Questions and Lore

Q: Do handcarts get janitored?
A: Nope, but anyone can grab them if you leave one out, so don't treat them like private storage or you could get burned.

User Interface and General Gameplay Mechanics

Q: How do I attach a label to a handcart since I can't hold it in-hand?
A: LABEL. So hold the label, then LABEL HANDCART.

Q: What's the command to get fully repaired items?
A: When you enter a room where you have items in for repairs, you're prompted to use the CHECK command to check on their status.

Q: Does TRAVEL work with trailblazing?
A: Not currently, but I'm thinking I might make that a thing. As long as it doesn't cause too many stops along the main roads. Hmmmm. I wonder if anyone would end up paying a ranger to make a trail. That'd be kind of cool. So they can more quickly get to and from their resources or hunting spot or whatever.

Q: Why does foraging not seem to work in the new wilderness? Do I need a skill for it?
A: You have to be somewhere with something to find. Berry bushes are a good indication of forageable food. There's not much to find out on the plains (other than bluestem grass, only edible to livestock). Some berries can be found in the right rooms in wooded areas.

Q: What about all those plants I see out there? Are they not foragable?
A: Some are there just for looks as they're not implemented yet.

Q: Is there a fast way to change clothes? I need to be able to swap between heavy and warm stuff efficiently.
A: Try out the OUTFIT command sometime.

Q: Why is the OUTFIT command blocked by roundtime?
A: Because how can you change your clothes while you're busily tilling your field?

Q: Is "decent" protection from the cold good enough to get by?
A: You're never going to be completely immune to cold. The more protection you have, the longer you can go before having to head indoors - preferably somewhere warm with a fire or similar - to thaw out. So whether "decent" level protection from cold is good enough for you is up to you.

Q: Is there a way to see how to raise morale?
A: Type HELP MORALE to see some suggestions. I need to add therapy from PC physickers to that list. A recent addition is to go to the bathhouse in town, buy soap in the lobby, head into the bath and clean yourself while holding the soap. Taking a nice bath is a good morale-booster. But morale also gravitates toward 0 over time, so if all else fails, just wait it out.

Town Life and Travel

Q: I've noticed a few times where you've made comments about Shadgard's name. Are we not supposed to use just "Shad"?
A: Poor second syllable of Shadgard's name. So often forsaken! Me saying "gard" was completing the name "Shadgard". People calling it "Shad" makes my eye twitch.

Q: Is there somewhere to buy horses yet now that the wilderness is out?
A: Nope.

Q: Is there somewhere to make or buy a brazier? It's freezing! And I don't want to forage wood for campfires all the time while working outside.
A: I mean, if I made buildable braziers, they'd also require fuel rather than being magic eternal flames.

Q: Is there a way to get from Shadgard to Porto now?
A: Nope. We'll be sticking to Shadgard for the foreseeable future. There's already a lot of content over here.

Skills, Professions, and Crafted Items

Q: Do you need a specific skill to dive for mussels?
A: You need at least 150 skill to attempt to dive and discover items. How much skill you need to succeed depends on the area and the potential item.

Q: I thought 400 skill gives fine quality items, but I don't seem to be getting any. Do you have to practice up to 400 or just have the skill?
A: 400 skill is required to get fine quality, but doesn't necessarily mean you'll get it. How much skill is required beyond that (if any) depends on the difficulty of the recipe.

Q: Is there a way to tell how much of a consumable is leftover if a project doesn't use all of it - for example: branches?
A: There is not.

Q: Is the same amount of branch used every time or does it vary?
A: How much is used is based on what you're carving from it. But every tiny wedge will take up the same amount as any other tiny wedge. If that clears up what you're asking.

Q: Can I buy sheep and cow feed anywhere?
A: They'll happily eat bluestem grass, which grows all over the plains outside town.

Q: With wilderness in, are campfires going to be a bushcraft locked thing?
A: Nope, anyone should be able to make them.

Q; Is there a way to tell how much milk is left to gather now that it takes steps instead of being all at once?
A: I'm thinking on this one I'll leave it up to mystery. It'll stop you once it's empty, but other than that I'm not sure there'd be any particular way to tell that. Not an animal husbander in real life, so I may be wrong on that.

Q: Why does none of the food I cook give morale bonus even at several hundred skill?
A: Because I need to release more recipes. The current stuff is pretty basic stuff, I don't see a plain scrambled egg recipe blowing someone away regardless of how skilled the cook is. With the recent morale changes, I think I can add some small quality bonuses to a few of the inn meals. PCs will still be able to make stuff far better, but it'll be one more reason to buy some of the sit-down meals when fancy PC-cooked stuff isn't available.

Q: Are medical jobs supposed to always pay the same amount?
A: It should be roughly based on wounds treated.

Q: If you do extra treatment to a patient should it pay more? I just used SOOTHE and there was no change.
A: The soothe thing doesn't affect it (not a wound), but I might add that to the considerations. Then again, I'd be a little miffed if I saw an added service fee on a hospital bill for soothing. Of course, I could also totally see hospitals doing that ...

Q: Will other medical skills net additional pay?
A: Yeah, definitely should get paid for actual therapy. I should add those in as tasks or something.

Q: Does SUTURE need to be done separately or should TEND do it?
A: Suture needs to be specifically done, not automatically handled by tend. Tend is just for basic bandaging and unguents. Suture is more involved and requires a specific command by design.

Q: What's the difference between TEND, TREAT, and BANDAGE?
A: Treat is unguents only, bandage is bandages only, tend tries to figure which of the two (if not both) is required and does that.

Q: So what are bandages for exactly if they don't heal?
A: Temporarily stop bleeding. Doesn't actually heal the bleeding wound.

Q: Are there only two storytelling spots in Shadgard?
A: There are more than 2 spots, but I leave them for people to discover.

Q: What's the cooldown on storytelling?
A: The cooldown can vary based on skill and how well-received your story was, but it's generally a few hours.

Character Creation and Login

Q: How does shelving work?
A: When you shelf a character, you have to wait 30 days before you can un-shelf them and make them active again. You can only have 2 active characters at once.

Guilds, Societies, Companies

Q: If druids fall under the scholars guild, will rangers be able to access it?
A: Yes, rangers will have druidy options, while not being required to take them. The druid scholar branch will have more focus on druidry itself and have the widest scope of druidry powers. Dwaedn Wyr will be the druidic warriors, though I haven't decided yet if that's going to be a Society rather than guild class (though heavily leaning that way). No other planned avenues to druiddom at this time, but other concepts may pop up in time.

Q: What do you mean by scholars will have more focus on druidry?
A: A ranger is an adventurer class that can take up druidry if they want to, as a supplemental skill. A druid scholar (don't have the class name settled yet) is a class whose core concept is based around druidry and therefore gets a broader array and scope of druidic abilities.

Q: Are you imagining druids being bookish then or will they be out exploring even from the scholar route?
A: The scholarly druid class is pretty much that. Perhaps generally less bookish than other scholar types, but they still spend a lot of their time pursuing, practicing, and pondering their druidic abilities. Gotta commit if you want those nifty top-tier powers. Druids: "We're not like other scholars, we don't sit around stooped over tomes in stuffy libraries! We read inscribed stone slates and sheets of bark in sun-dappled glens. Totally different."

Combat-related Mechanics

Q: With new clumping enemies changes, have you given thought to intelligent npcs that call for help to increase clumping if you're discovered?
A: Definitely. That's going to be part of some stealthy "go scout the place out" tasks where you're expected to look around and gather intel, but not fight. If you do decide to try and engage, could well set off the alarm and get swarmed if you don't get out of there quick. Possibly some more actions/time between being searched for and actually being found. Give an opportunity to either sneak away, or react with a misdirection or something.

Q: Do injuries affect combat rolls?
A: Not currently.

Q: Does armor skill do anything yet?
A: Nope.

Q: Are higher level mobs in now?
A: Bald Hill got a small revamp so those guys should take you a little beyond the fens difficulty.

Q: Are you supposed to be able to circle mobs while hidden?
A: It's been pointed out. I just need to decide if I want to prevent it, or have it continue to work and just have a chance of the circler being spotted as they do so. Leaning toward the latter.

Q: Does a knockdown apply a balance penalty?
A: Hrm, I actually don't think it does.

Q: Had any more thoughts on what you want armor penalties to be, and what armor skill will help with?
A: Armor causing combat reroll penalties seems like a good place to start, and you train that off with skill. Still love to have some armor-based abilities that could be learned at certain skill levels, like a light armor ability to adjust yours or a friend's armor for a temporary reduction to the stealth penalty.

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Re: Questions from Discord - Ongoing Thread

Post by Kiyaani » Sat Jan 11, 2020 5:14 pm

General Questions, Policy, and Lore

Q: Are scripting and multiboxing okay?
A: No multiboxing, scripting is fine as long as you're responsive, don't provide your alts with money/goods/other benefits, don't be a jerk.

Q: Is it okay to go AFK while my bucket empties?
A: AFKing is fine. Generally try to do it in less public areas, but you get automatically flagged as AFK after about 10 minutes of inactivity so people will know not to try and chat you up if they see that.Also as a fun tip, you can use the AFK command to actively flag yourself, as well as provide an initial message for anyone who happens to be in the room when you do it. So if you're in a conversation and the doorbell rings, you can do: AFK Someone at the door, be right back.

User Interface and General Gameplay Mechanics

Q: How do I avoid dying of cold?
A: You can avoid dying of cold by not staying out in the cold for extended periods. Not much more to it than that. Wearing warm clothing can help you go longer before suffering from cold, but it'll never make you immune. And cold does affect your energy - it can slow your energy regeneration rate at higher levels, and will start doing occasional cold damage to you, which reduces your energy.

Q: How do I add fuel to my campfire?
A: You should be able to just PUT branches and logs and such into them.

Q: How come when I added fuel to my campfire the timer didn't seem to increase?
A: It's a little weird. It pretty much puts it in there as reserve fuel for when the fire is about to go out. So if you want, you can imagine it like stacking the wood by the fire, and automatically feeding it when it gets low. Same for community fires and ovens and other things that need to be fueled to keep burning.

Q: I'm stuck unconscious and I don't have a way to recover because I'm out of food. What can I do?
A: If you're stuck unconscious and without food, you may want to just use the DIE command. Remember to check the church rooms (particularly the crypt) for your corpse in case someone has brought it back for you, then do some tasks to earn money and buy some food and a pouch or satchel to store it in. Tip: If you don't know where exactly you're going, pack extra food. Foraging should be considered a potential emergency fallback, not a guarantee. New Tip: If you die, you can head to the Twilight Eye Services office in Town Hall and access ESP that way, without having to get a pendant. Then you can ask for help on the ESP network.

Q: Do player corpses get janitored?
A: Corpses don't get janitored and other people can't loot them, so you don't need to feel rushed into being reckless trying to recover it. People tend to bring corpses to the church chapel or crypt, so it's a good idea to check there first.

Q: Does the experience bucket decay offline?
A: It does not.

Town Life and Travel

Q: Is there a way to get permission to go into the mine?
A: You have to go into the tunnels the Mining Guild hasn't claimed (southeast). There's no way to get into their good tunnels. They're understandably protective of their livelihood.

Q: If there's a miner's guild why isn't there a constant supply of metal ore on the market?
A: Why sell to the market when they have direct buyers all over town? Psssst. It pays to check the market. There are ingots and ore-bearing stone for sale.

Q: Why is food in town so expensive?
A: Food prices are based on how much total nutrition they give, the quality of the food, and how long it keeps. So, you should always be getting a pretty fair price for what you get.

Skills, Professions, and Crafted Items

Q: Does wool color affect the ability for it to be dyed?
A: A material is either dyable or not. If so, it can be dyed any number of times from any color to any other.

Q: What are small branches used for? I can't seem to find any recipes that use them.
A: If nothing else, small branches serve as fuel for fires. They're used for a small handful of woodcarving recipes. That said, don't let that make you think you should hoard hundreds of them. The stuff you make from them tend to be so small that you can make several from a single branch.

Q: Is there lapidary yet?
A: No lapidary yet.

Q: Can you decrease skills?
A: Not at the moment. A limited way to do so is planned.

Q: What is cordage for - bushcraft recipes?
A: Cordage is mechanically identical to thread. Useful for various bushcrafty recipes, yes.

Q: Is there a way to tell what some of these crafting components are used for so we can stock things appropriately? It's hard to tell what people may need.
A: People are usually pretty good about posting what they need on the marketplace board. That said, nothing wrong with making a bunch of stuff and selling it to keep the market generally stocked. Just don't provide them to your own alts. That's a bit tacky, and removes the opportunity for other players to feel like there's a need in the community that they can fill.

Q: Why does it seem to take so long for me to get competent at my chosen craft?
A: The general idea with crafting is that things take time, to help it feel more valuable and like a primary activity rather than a minor side hobby.

Q: Do the other color chickens give different color feathers? If so - does that show somehow in arrow and bolt finished products?
A: Why yes, yes they do! And you'd see the color when you look at the arrow and see its attached components. I could probably work that into the short description, too. Just need a way to prevent it from being too wordy.

Q: How can I find hidden prey?
A: If it's a mob you've already spawned via hunting and they've hidden, you can try the SEARCH command. Odds are they've just bolted in any number of directions and have also hidden as well though, so may be better off hunting up a new one.

Q: Are the animals discovered with hunting based on tracking skill or location?
A: Both.

Q: Is perception covered under bushcraft?
A: Bushcraft doesn't cover perception.

Q: Can bones obtained from animals be used for anything yet?
A: You can bludgeon people with the larger ones. They haven't been set up for much in the way of crafting resources yet, but will be eventually.

Character Creation and Login


Guilds, Societies, Companies

Q: Will there be ways to clear out old stumps from trees that were felled? Or maybe some way for druids to help things regrow or plant seeds?
A: Clearing out stumps to make way for new growth, yes. Druid abilities to speed growth/regrowth, yes. I don't know how I feel about letting people plant seeds though - I see people trying to optimize the wilderness that way by planting only what they want or consider useful, which would make me sad.

Q: How can I get more ability points?
A: You get ability points by leveling up. You learn abilities by going to rooms that teach them (they'll say "abilities" by the name). The best way to learn lots of abilities is to join a guild.

Q: Are the abilities per level the same per guild, or is it always one every X levels?
A: Ability points earned at levels aren't based on guild, they're the same for everyone. Guilds just have different pools of abilities they teach. You earn your ability points by leveling, which you can then spend on learning abilities that are available to you based on your guild affiliation (and a few that are available to everyone).

Q: Is the total number of ability points at max level set, or is it designed that it's expected that we'll have to never take some abilities?
A: 30 total at level 100, and the hope is to eventually have enough abilities that one will have to pick and choose rather than take everything available.

Combat-related Mechanics

Q: Is there any negative penalty to channeling while wearing armor?
A: Yes. I'm not sure to what degree yet, but armor will interfere with channeling.

Q: Does AIM SHOT increase your combat roll?
A: It increases your rerolls for the next shot. Type HELP REROLL for more info.

Q: Are there ways for ranged characters to disrupt enemy balance yet, or improve their own beyond circle/feint?
A: Sadly not. Ranged combat has thus far taken a bit of a back seat to melee.

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Re: Questions from Discord - Ongoing Thread

Post by Kiyaani » Wed Feb 05, 2020 6:59 pm

General Questions, Policy, and Lore

Q: Are there ever going to be roaming hostile creatures in the wilderness?
A: Yep.

Q: I really love all the creatures in COGG. Are you looking for suggestions for more unique creatures specific to this game?
A: I'd love to add more. Variety is always nice. I'd like to add a couple of fantasticals in there, too. There's at least one out there somewhere that isn't a real-world creature, but a few more to give the game its own fun feel would be good. I have my own ideas, but more ideas are always good. I'm a little picky about what sort of creatures I allow (some things strike me as too crazy), but even if I don't use an idea exactly, they can be good springboards.

Q: If I stumble across something that might be a bug, but I'm not sure, should I report it anyway?
A: Yes. Please bug it.

Q: Is NPCmail a thing in COGG?
A: No NPCmail command. Occasionally an NPC or organization will provide a temporary mailbox number you can contact them at, but that's mainly for special events.

Q: Are GMs puppeting NPCs much currently?
A: Not much at the moment, since the game's still under a lot of development getting core mechanics up and running. Still in an early release mode. But I'm working on a few event ideas I can get going anyway, just to keep things interesting. There have been a few tiny mini-events, like a PC physicker helping to cure a disease.

Q: What's the difference between CHAT and OOC communication channels?
A: OOC is on-topic OOC chatter specifically related to the game. Please take off-topic chatter to the #chat channel. CHAT is off-topic and general socializing.

Q: Is there a public version of the to-do list?
A: I just have my private one. I had a public one for a while, but I got annoyed having to maintain two of them.

Q: I know that sometimes players try to attack or kill NPCs. Is there any kind of safeguard against that for necessary ones like the town healer?
A: I have some NPCs set to protected here, so you can't actually kill them. They just run away and respawn after a while. Got tired of putting in the effort of ICly responding to random/trollish NPC killings.

Q: Are Lapis in COGG still super-mega anti-sorcery?
A: You'll have to wait to meet one of them. They're pretty reclusive Lost Landers, so people don't know much about them. I'm vaguely aware of some stuff having happened with them in CLOK, but that was long after I had any involvement with that game or its events. So give them a fresh start over here.

User Interface and General Gameplay Mechanics

Q: I saw someone post that they're a hunter, but that doesn't seem to be a guild or class that I saw. How does one become a hunter?
A: Hunting animals doesn't require a specific guild or class. Type HELP HUNTING for more information.

Q: How did my sanity get so low? I can't even use the ESP network.
A: A common cause of low sanity would be if your character dies frequently without treatment. Generally speaking, you'll want to avoid death. It tends to have some negative side effects.

Q: Does wool color affect the ability for it to be dyed?
A: No. A material is either dyable or not. If so, it can be dyed any number of times from any color to any other.

Q: Do pendants fade away based on time or based on the amount of words you send through them?
A: Pendants fade based on time (only when logged in), not words spoken.

Town Life and Travel

Q: Are there other towns?
A: There's just the one at the moment. That's friendly and accommodating, at least.

Q: Is there an easy way to get some starter riln?
A: Town hall jobs are good for starting money. There are various other ways to make money by hunting, crafting, fighting and looting some types of mobs, and so on. It mostly depends on what kind of character you're going for.

Q: What are these cart tracks I keep seeing in town?
A: It's possible to push minecarts into that room.

Q: There seem to be a lot of closed shops in town. Are they not implemented yet?
A: Correct. The pawnshop is slated for removal, since its role is now filled by the market. Others may be closed for other reasons.

Q: Can NPCs heal frostbite?
A: No, NPCs healers only tend flesh wounds. Everything else is up to PC physickers.

Skills, Professions, and Crafted Items

Q: How do I brand things I make?
A: Use the CRAFTMARK command to request a crafting mark. Once you have one approved, MODIFY BRAND while holding an item you've made to brand it. I will also take this moment to say: Keep the brand description fairly short and simple.

Q: So we have copper and iron to smith with. What are the drawbacks to using copper since it's easier to get (especially regarding hoops for other crafts)?
A: Many things can now be hammered from copper, but not all. It's often more efficient to make things from the easily-available copper than iron, like your hoops. The things that use hoops don't take durability damage (though wagon wheels needing occasional maintenance might be kind of cool). Copper weapons and armor are going to degrade real quick (tools as well - tools degrade with use). Iron less so. Need to get steel going for something particularly durable.

Q: Does the same apply for nails or arrowheads? What about horseshoes? Will copper be less durable than iron?
A: No difference with nails, though I do eventually want to add a chance for copper nails to bend/break as you're building with them. Arrowheads, uh ... should degrade? But I don't recally if they actually do at the moment. Though nails are also available at the general store, so not a lot of incentive for PCs to make them. Maybe I'll come up with some benefit for PC-made nails of a certain material or something. No horses yet, so no use for horseshoes at the moment. But they will degrade.

Q: Most places to raise skills or train seem to be in town, but I can't find anywhere for things like Construction, Woodworking, or the Scholarly skills/library. Where are those?
A: For the library: Head out to the wilderness, follow the roads generally north/northeast, head up into the pass and keep an eye out for a side trail. Dress warm! For the sawmill, that's also out along the wilderness roads.

Q: There a particular method for sharpening certain weapon heads, or can I just assume that the (dull) is just a sign of my character's relative incompetence?
A: Hmmm, I thought there was info on it on the metalworking guide but apparently not. You have to heat it up (in the forge, not furnace), lay it out on the annealing table to air cool, and that softens it enough to be grindable. You might have to do it more than once. Then after it's been ground sharp, you heat it again and put it in the quenching trough to harden the metal back up again so it doesn't get beat up too quick. Which is part of why bladed items are more expensive - take a good amount more time and effort to make well.

Q: Does woodworking take a specific kind of knife?
A: Any knife or dagger should be fine. Though having a specific-purpose woodworking knife with a tiny bonus might be neat.

Q: When you're trying to process large logs, do they need to be somewhere in specific? I know you can't heave them without help.
A: No, you can process them there on the spot. Would like to have a sawmill option for increased efficiency, but for now it's all by hand. Just remember to learn the recipes for making hewn timbers and planks and whatnot.

Q: Does woodcutting affect the speed at which you fell/debranch trees?
A: Yes, efficiency is one of its primary benefits.

Q: Are felled trees janitorproof?
A: Yes, felled trees are janitorproof, but anything detached from them is not. Wilderness janitor times in COGG are fairly long though.

Q: Is there any way to practice trading yet?
A: Not yet.

Q: Will we eventually be able to "study" populations such as nethrim, canim, or infested in order to learn more about them or will it always be objects?
A: Yep, that's on the infamous to-do list.

Q: Will unguents be crafted later on or can only the infirmaries offer them?
A: Infirmaries only at the moment. They'll be craftable soon(tm).

Q: I noticed arcana seems to have more study points than sorcery or medicine. Is that intended?
A: Arcana's more generalized so it has more areas to study. There will be more places to study the others eventually. I also hope to put in some tasks to give a little more variety and interactivity to skilling up the scholarly skills.

Character Creation and Login

Q: I'm new to the game and not sure how to start. Do you have any suggestions?
A: Use the TASK command to check the tutorial tasks that'll give you some info on some basic mechanics.

Q: I think I chose the wrong attribute when making my character. Will that make a huge impact later?
A: I tried to make all the primary attributes have their uses regardless of character type, but if you want a particularly agile duelist or ranger, rather than an intuitive one or an especially sturdy and healthy one, go for it. The primary attributes are meant as bonuses, not character type requirements.

Q: I already have 2 characters, but I wanted to try something else. Is there a way to do that?
A: You can use the LOGOUT command to log out of your character and back to your account, then you can use the SHELVE command to temporarily make a character unavailable for play, or the RETIRE command to retire them permanently. There is no delete, though.

Guilds, Societies, Companies

Q: Is there more information about the various guilds in-game so I can make a more informed decision for my character?
A: I'd suggest typing HELP GUILD.

Q: I want to be good at combat, but also an adventurer. Will I be able to do both?
A: Rangers are the most combat-apt adventurer class, with their ranged combat capping at 650 of 700 and their melee at 600 of 700. So they'll still fall slightly behind dedicated warriors in potential. They'll also not have as many combat-related abilities available to them as warriors.

Q: Rangers sound neat, but I don't see any combat-related abilities for them. Would I be stuck with basic ranged attacks or can they branch out? Will there be a ranged warrior type as an alternative or is this the only option?
A: The ability lists are far from complete, since the game's still early access. The ranger will probably get a few, but by design they won't be on par with warrior classes when it comes to combat. Also yes, there are ranged-centric marksman warrior classes planned for the future.

Q: So what role are warlocks suppose to play? Arcanist seem more like support/buffs. Warriors have various style of..warrioring. I'm asking so i know what sort of abilities to suggest. Are warlocks suppose to be more debuffing of enemies? Or suplimental offense? How do you envision them?
A: I'm more interested in portraying their style and flavor than fitting them into a particular role, really. I will say I'm not overly fond of the idea of their being especially combat-apt, though they have their combat applications for sure (nether can be scary). It's one of those toughies for players to make suggestions on because I have a particular set of rules for how and why their powers work, but those rules aren't public knowledge so I can't lay them out for people to pattern ideas after. I tend to be extra secretive about the laws behind my magic-y stuff. I just don't want them to be tearing through things with the pace, efficiency, and longevity of a warrior. A trained and dedicated warrior being outcombatted by a studious scholar would make me sad. And I've never been a fan of the whole "linear warriors, quadratic wizards" thing where magic types start weak but end up outclassing fighter types "because magic".

Q: Will customized channeling foci be available?
A: Customization is definitely on the table.

Q: Are mummers and 'mind magic' coming back at some point? Or was that one of the groups you wanted to retcon a bit?
A: Stuff like the Mummer "words" will likely return in some form, not so sure about the other stuff. At least not in the form of simply being able to cast it without any kind of active channel or occult circle or other preparation.

General Combat-related Mechanics

Q: Is there a stagger effect for combat?
A: Counterattacks and follwup punches to certain hit locations can do that now, yes.

Q: So what does stagger actually do?
A: HELP STAGGER for info, but for anyone else listening in: Among other things, causes balance loss, prevents roundtime reducing and balance recovery during the duration, causes negative physical attack/maneuver rerolls.

Q: Does armor work as a flat reduction of damage, or have you set like thresholds?
A: Flat. The percentages you see are what you get.

Q: An enemy mob seems to be keeping their balance and it never resets. Is that intended?
A: If a character (both PC or NPC) doesn't move, it doesn't lose its balance. That's as intended. So if the mob is a guard then it is one of those suspension of disbelief things. Town guards in particular are considered ever-ready for trouble, and I think it makes sense for stationary combat characters to be ready with high balance while maintaining their posts.

Q: It seems like only certain weapons work with armor chink. Is there a list somewhere?
A: Rapier, shortsword, and cutlass all work well for armor chink. Cutlass a bit less. Spears have a (low) passive chance to, but can't be used with the manual Armor Chink move. Javelins can, though.

Q: My character isn't a warrior but has a lot of combat skill. Why is it so much harder to hit things than with my warrior?
A: Non-warrior characters are naturally going to struggle more in combat than your warrior character does. It will also depend on what weapon you use. For example: the logging axe does more damage when you do manage to hit, but it lowers your balance by a whopping 10 with each swing. That's worse than non-ideal. Warhammers are very viable weapons. If you want to do more damage at the expense of getting tired more quickly, you can look for one of the heavy polearms like a poleaxe.

Q: What does the percentage number next to the damage numbers indicate when reading combat?
A: How much got through damage reduction (armor, etc). So if you see a real low number, that kind of damage isn't ideal and you may want to try something else.

Q: Is there a general way to make my combat more effective?
A: Timing it right after they attack should help. Now that the knockdown staggers, their roundtime won't be going down while the stagger lasts, so you should have plenty of time to follow up with an attack of your own and not be caught with your pants down when they retaliate.

Occult (Arcana/Sorcery) Mechanics

Q: I hit something with binding tendril but it didn't last very long. Another time it lasted a greater duration. Is that intended?
A: Yep. Keep in mind that durations and other aspects effectiveness are based largely on how successful the hit was (the percentage at the end of the roll numbers). If you barely hit them with a 5%, the binding won't last long. If you hit them with a 80%, they'll be bound for a decent amount of time. I'm happy to tweak things, but know that they're based on how successful the hit was.

Q: I'm not a huge fan of cooldowns. I noticed that binding tendril has one now. Is there a reason for that?
A: Part of the reason for adding a cooldown to the ability - in addition to just keeping it in line with other abilities - was to prevent keeping a target disabled indefinitely by just recasting every other attack. It's not my favorite concept, but it makes balancing so much easier to accomplish.

Q: What does choke actually do?
A: They can't act during it (or at least they shouldn't be able to), and they take suffocation (energy) damage over time.

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Re: Questions from Discord - Ongoing Thread

Post by Kiyaani » Sat Feb 29, 2020 12:09 pm

General Questions, Policy, and Lore

Q: Will goals reset when the skills are reset prior to launch?
A: The skill reset will only reset current skill. Practice and goals won't be touched.

Q: Will PCs still be able to become tainted/canim/ect?
A: Regarding PCs and various afflictions: Becoming tainted by nether will still happen. I'll give my usual disclaimer that while this may have some potentially beneficial side-effects, it is not meant to be an Overall Balanced Good Thing. It's a thing most people avoid for good reason. Regarding infested and canim, there are remote chances a character might suffer from them, but that's generally on GM initiative rather than the player's, and players shouldn't make character concepts based around the ideas. Again: They're bad conditions and not meant to be overall positive "cursed with awesome" situations (even if some aspects are indeed awesome), and those two in particular are conditions that could cause an individual to lose their ability to control themselves, essentially resulting in the player losing the character.

Q: So they may confer additional benefits but are more often than not negative attribute? I was just curious if they'd still affect PCs.
A: Yep. They can potentially affect PCs, and I'm just hoping people will treat those situations as bad, rather than encouraging and embracing the affliction only to be upset when it could result in the character's eventual unplayability.

Q: What if my character gets into a situation where they might become afflicted? I hope there be a way to prevent it.
A: Well right, the idea is: Character starts showing symptoms of, let's say, infestation. The character will be encouraged to seek treatment while the condition is still treatable. Only I imagine a lot of people think it would be cool instead embrace the situation and let themselves become infested. Which is when bad things would happen. So it wouldn't be forced. I don't intend to do that. But if someone ignores all the warnings and decides they want to go all in, it's on them.

Q: Can someone be pro-infested, but not be infested? Should they be infested?
A: One could be pro-infestation while avoiding infestation themselves (at least for the moment). But yeah, generally speaking, player characters shouldn't seek conditions that would rob them of their free will, or they'd not long remain a player character. If it were a more controlled environment like a pen and paper game around a table with a few people, it might work to let someone RP as being in thrall to some other will (like infestation) with constant DM direction, but I feel like MUDs are a little too free range for that kind of thing. Of the three Huecatn empires, one says "let the resen do its thing, just keep it in check" and one has gone all in, more or less saying "infestation is enlightenment". So pro-resen people aren't unheard of. (The third is all "ew, no").

Also, you can be into the whole mushrooms/fungus thing without being associated with the resen. Be cool with Teonanacatl, or just be a general mycology lover without any special affiliations. People into Teonanacatl do tend to get annoyed when others assume they're okay with the resen just because it's also some kind of fungus. It's not like all humans are on the same page just because they're all human, after all.

Q: Can we gather salt yet?
A: No salt yet.

Q: Did you consider my idea about paying a fee to get wool turned into thread by an NPC over some amount of time?
A: That might work for some of the common stuff, yeah. I'd want to keep special cloth production to PCs with the invested skill.

Q: Would people in the Lost Lands be aware of the Religion of the Sacred Flame, since it's described as being evangelized? Or is that something you plan on working with more in the future?
A: Mentioning that Lapis wants to spread their religion was more to hint that it may come up in events at some point, not that information about it is common knowledge. So no, players should not assume their characters know much about it beyond what's mentioned already on the wiki, and even that is all second-hand (and likely biased) information.

User Interface and General Gameplay Mechanics


Town Life and Travel

Q: Will we be able to build our own houses? Companies their own strongholds?
A: Player houses and strongholds, no. Except possibly on a case-by-case basis. I worry too much about the wilderness turning into a desolate landscape of abandoned player-made buildings and attempts to make their own towns.

Q: If you re-rent an inn room do you get the same one again or a new one?
A: Inn rooms are created as needed. All your stuff gets shipped to your vault when rent is up anyway, so no need to retain the same inn room for the same character.

Skills, Professions, and Crafted Items

Q: I'm trying out storytelling, but I don't seem to be having much luck. Any tips?
A: The more storytelling skill you have, the more observations you can make about a crowd, and the better your chances of bonuses. Just starting out, you'll not make a whole lot from it. Gotta work your way up.

Q: Uh. How does one find out how much Farmland they have?
A: Try the FARM command.

Q: How is low lore vs high lore going to affect the skill?
A: Some research opportunities may require a higher lore skill. Presumably a mix of general study skills like the ability to effectively cross-reference and connect the dots so to speak, as well as a general assumption that higher skill means one has done a lot more general lore reading/research and can pick up on obscure references someone with a lower skill (and presumably less time spend bookworming it up in lore texts) would miss.

Q: What's the difference basically?
A: Considering some kind of thing where you can only research so many in-game items per skill point.

Q: Will there be some kind of mechanical benefit to lore as opposed to purely RP? I almost feel like once one person raises the skill no one else really needs to so what's the point? They can just share that knowledge with anyone and everyone freely.
A: True. But you also get to be that person that discovers that interesting tidbit first. I'm happy to find more mechanical benefits for the skill that would make sense, but it is generally a less mechanical, more fluff, skill. Some people will find it worth it, others happy to save their points and depend on second-hand accounts. I'm confident that there will be plenty of people who would rather learn something themselves than go to someone else for information.

Q: With lore being purely non-mechanical, and a hard limitation on what can be learned via skill points spent... how do you intend to stop people spending the max they can in lore and then unlearning the points?
A: It may work to just make lore impossible to unlearn below a certain point based on how much a character has researched.

Q: What's the base skill needed for above average quality?
A: 400 skill is the baseline requirement for "fine" quality items, if that's what you're asking. More complicated items may require higher amounts.

Q: Can we do anything with cloth scraps yet?
A: They can be used as makeshift bandages. Please don't hoard thousands of them.

Q: Are infected wounds planned?
A: Yep.

Q: How does one fix frostbite?
A: You need a PC physicker to treat it. The idea is that there are various non-life-threatening conditions that only other PCs can heal, to keep PC healers relevant.

Q: Can anyone inform me of which skills/crafts/etc I'll need to make my own medical supplies, or at least, where I can look to find that info?
A: Taking up crafting skills solely to produce the very basic stuff like needles, thread, and bandages is probably overkill - just buy them. Unguents and such can't be crafted yet. You'll mostly want to be doing your medical work in the infirmary while on-duty and using house supplies for the time being.

Q: Is there a list somewhere of what farm animal eats what? I have a concern of purchasing an animal, but not having food for it, or ready for it to eat, before it starves.
A: No list. Good idea, though.

Q: Why can't I carve fatwood for my woodworking recipes?
A: It's only for fatwood-based recipes. It doesn't count as a straight branch, so I should probably take the word "straight" out of the short description.

Q: What does higher fishing skill do exactly?
A: Increasing your fishing skill is like increasing your combat skill: You're going to get better rolls when fishing. That means fewer fish snapping your lines and escaping, and better chances at getting those big fish.

Q: I remember you talking about tying Artifice into things like sleight of hand moves, with cards and the like, Rias. Is that still a possibility?
A: Artifice will be used for things like card tricks, shell games, and other sleight of hand performing stuff. A good use and means of practice for the skill, for those who aren't interested in theft/picking pockets.

Guilds, Societies, Companies

Q: What's the difference between a rogue and treasure hunter?
A: Not a whole lot at the moment, admittedly. Treasure hunters have higher skill caps with arcana, lore, linguistics, and tracking, and will get more ability-wise in the way of discovering things out in the ruins, spotting and dealing with traps, that kind of thing. Rogues are better at stealth and artifice, and will have more ability-wise helping with shadier stuff like picking pockets and various deceptions, and a bit more in the way of combat-related survivability like escapes and some dirty tricks. (Again, not assassins) So if you want to be that ultimate finder of hidden things and lost knowledge out in the forgotten places of the world, be a treasure hunter. If you want to be that super sneaky scout or thief who comes and goes without a trace, be a rogue. Either can do passably at most things the other can do, but they each have their specialties, too.

Q: Will lockpicks be added to the warrior supply shop or elsewhere?
A: Still pondering that.

Q: Are nightblades suppose to lockpick in the warehouse as well?
A: A centralized location for a particular service is always good.

Q: Do lockpicks deteriorate yet?
A: Lockpicks do deteriorate with use.

Q: There currently isn't a way to customize the ranks of a Company, is there?
A: Oh, uh ... probably not. I haven't messed with that stuff in a long time. I doubt the Company stuff will really take off if the playerbase remains small, but I figured it's still nice to have. Oh, I should set up a way to merge companies. So the five different people that make bird watching companies can consider merging them all for a little more community cohesion. P.S. The founder can change the name at any time, so no need to anxiously deliberate over that aspect Rias: I mean, by all means, do. But no need to over-deliberate Don't forget the COMPANY command!

Q: What should I do if during the course of my RP I unlock a magic skill but I've already used all my points?
A: Magic skills are taught by guilds and (potentially) societies, not unlocked by RP. So you should have a good idea of what'll be available to you when you join your guild. Society membership isn't guaranteed, so characters should have their concepts built around guilds, not societies. Guilds are your vocational schools, where you join up to learn the skills they offer. Societies are the groups built around specific ideals or dogma or whatnot, and a character has to have not only the interest, but the right fit for that society to consider them for membership. You don't join societies - Societies recruit you.

Q: Will societies be out before full release?
A: No societies, nope. I consider them supplemental and later phase material.

Q: I chose a guild but might want to change it after reset. Is that okay?
A: There will be a guild reset when we have the skill reset for full game release. If you plan to guild reset, i.e. you're just goofing around testing things right now, maybe don't dive into the RP scene so much.

Q: I want to play a druid, but I feel like it might limit what I can do with professions. Will I upset nature by carving my own supplies?
A: Nothing about being a druid requires an anti-woodworking or even anti-logging mindset. One more stereotype to be tossed into the bonfire. People who are into druidry are generally more predisposed to efforts toward responsible use of natural resources and environmentalism, but druids are hardly required to play logging police.

Q: So no burning down forests, but one or two or five trees wont hurt
A: You'll have to take that up with druids on an individual basis.

Q: So druids don't all have to be radicals like the Dunwyr?
A: Judging all druids based on the tendencies of one group of known extremists is pretty silly. Not that people doing so is surprising, but I'm here to say that the logic is flawed. Not all druids are Dunwyr, not all Dunwyr are druids. There are far more druidic circles than that of the Dunwyr. I get frustrated when narrow views are propagated and take root, so I try to step in and give some clarifying comments when I can. COGG druids are less "protect and nurture nature" and more "tap into the primal powers natural to our world". Not to say that there aren't a lot of COGG druids that seek to do the former as would seem natural (hah). So someone seeking druidry simply based on something like an affinity for or love of animals might be a little overwhelmed by what else druidry entails, but I'll leave that for people to discover for themselves with the initiation process (which gives opportunities to back out, to a point).

Q: I want to make a ranger, but don't want to do druidry. Is that okay?
A: The druidry thing is completely optional for rangers, so if it's not your character's bag, no need to get involved.

Q: Just so I'm understanding - Druidry can be used by any class? Or is it a Scholars guild thing?
A: Druidry is only available based on class and possibly (probably) Society to a degree. The latter being one of the things I continue to mull over, since I want societies to be about their causes, not skills/abilities they teach. We'll at least have the scholarly druids (still need a name for them), rangers, and Dwaedn Wyr (whether Society or some kind of specialization of Berserker warrior class).

Q: How will Dwaedn Wyr stand out from other warriors?
A: I like the idea of largely flavoring combat for Dwaedn Wyr, with some small bonuses/upgrades/shifts.

Q: Thoughts on something like a shared mental network? Perhaps the higher 'x' reputation or 'y' skill you can understand more of what's being said, and eventually communicate yourself. Or for dwaedn wyr berserkers, perhaps having "altered" versions of certain skills, so less of a specific ability gain and more a fighting mechanic change for them (slightly different combat playstyle with druidic flair).
A: For communication between druids (if that's what you were meaning) I plan to use the commune system, where you can send some vague sort of canned visions/feelings out there that other druids can sense, and respond to.

Q: Are the affinities coded in yet? IE, am I gonna turn into a rabid monster if I use my druid spells too much right now?
A: I'm working on that part now.

Q: Can I be an evil plant soul sucking druid?
A: You could definitely play that way, And I think it'd be interesting and even mused over whether anyone would try that angle. While it's certainly no Thaumaturgy, a druid does still have to be wary of what may happen if they bite the hand that feeds them. Druidry is still a pretty nebulous thing that isn't well understood, but being connected to other unknown forces, many of them willful or even sentient, can be dangerous even for those who have hippiest of intentions.This isn't meant to be a discouragement, by the way. Just a warning that the proposed approach could potentially result in a bit more "fun".

Q: If societies don't implement the ability to learn magic on non scholar characters, will they still offer unique abilities for folk who already know the magic they practice(if they practice any). Or are those abilities likely just going to transfer to the magic classes list of class abilities?
A: Regarding societies and abilities, I really want to try and limit that kind of thing. Societies might grant a few abilities (still mulling it over - may end up being more flavor than significant mechanical benefits) but I want people to be joining the society for their cause, not for the training/power opportunities... for instance, a blacksmith joining the nethrim-fighters society not to fight nethrim personally, but to provide weapons and armor and tools and stuff. But even with societies granting abilities, so if for some reason let's say a berserker finds themselves having joined Rook Parlour (for sake of argument), that's not going to mean that berserker can now run around slinging super sorcery spells. As a berserker they don't have the aptitude to begin with. So they'd have skill requirements, probably. And I'm also not a fan of giving away group-specific gear to other people, it kind of waters down the specialness. On the other hand, allowing a little helping out of outsiders can be fun, too. Our anti-nethrim-society blacksmith might be able to put some minor disruption glyphs on the metal weapons and armor for anyone. But maybe they'd be far less effective when used by someone who isn't part of the society themeslves. Sorcery's the easy-to-learn branch of occult anyway, I could see that being taught to non-specialists. (Easy to learn, not necessarily easy to master - before the warlocks out there get offended).

General Combat-related Mechanics

Q: Are there mechanics in place yet for dual wielding?
A: No dual wielding, and it will be pretty limited when it is a thing. None of this two rapiers stuff. Mostly dagger-type stuff for the off-hand, and won't be particuarly effective outside proper training (which duelists in particular will get, hooray!).

Q: I'm having some trouble with stealth attacks being effective. Do you have any tips?
A: If you STALK your target first (from hiding), your next stealth attack against them will get extra defense reroll pushdown potential. A good idea for setting up the ideal ambush initiation.

Q: Does that work for ranged too?
A: Si. Just note that stalking a target gives a chance for them to feel the heebie-jeebies and become paranoid.

Q: I'm starting to think melee combat is not my vibe. I dunno what I'm missing. Even with all the circling and feinting, my hit chance is quite low. How can I improve?
A: You want to time it so that you attack your target while they're in roundtime, because roundtime lowers defensive rerolls. Wait till they attack you, then attack them right after. Don't just mash attack commands over and over. It's really as simple as "wait for the enemy to attack you, then immediately attack them while they're in attack roundtime." Whether you're attacking, circling, or feinting, or some other maneuver, it's always best to hit them when they're in roundtime, or if they're staggered/knocked down.

Q: I presume tactics nightblade offensive rerolls arent suppose to apply to basic attacks just the advanced techniques?
A: Tactics nightblade offensive rerolls thing was fixed to include normal attacks a while back, see announcements.

Q: How do ambushes work?

Q: Will ranged fighters ever have the ability to up their own balance innately with some kind of circling without melee skill?
A: How balance figures into and is managed for ranged combat is currently under consideration. My leaning at the moment is that ranged combatatants are less about balance than melee fighters though, and more about setting up their shots and keeping their distance. They're meant to be at a disadvantage when they do get pulled into melee and suffer from balance woes.

Occult (Arcana/Sorcery) Mechanics

Q: Is there currently any way to obtain occult diagrams other than via ability?
A: Nope.

Q: Will you ever let us cast spells on folks we have a blood vial of? I'd love me some warlock voodoo...totally will use m y powers for good. Essence transfer of course..not other things.
A: Wait and see.

Q: Are more advanced types of rituals planned? You could do something like make blood vial casting have energy transference lost. And Warlocks have to determine how much energy to put into a spell, and if they don't put enough, it fails. Or, maybe Bad Things happen. Like attracting spirits and shades.
A: More involved sorcery rituals with chances of horrific failures are the best sorcery rituals.

Q: Does the Ranged Attack Skill effect how well one attacks with sorcery?
A: Yes, aim with sorcery ranged attacks relies on the Ranged Combat skill.

Q: A bit of a mechanical question now. Does Armor affect Arcana use and Sorcery in Cogg?
A: Armor doesn't affect arcana or channeling yet, but will soonish.

Q: Will warlocks ever be able to drop just 1 channel at a time instead of all at once?
A: Individual channels can be dropped instead of all at once, see announcements.

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Re: Questions from Discord - Ongoing Thread

Post by Rias » Mon May 25, 2020 6:02 pm

Q: What is the syntax for your name to appear elsewhere in an emote?
A: Use the @ symbol, @me, or @self.

Q: How do I check whether I selected Undying for my character?
A: Undying status now shows in the output of the INFO (or SCORE) command.

Q: Homes are not available currently right?
A: Homes are not currently available, and with the ongoing issues of hoarding items, the likelihood of player housing is uncertain.

Q: Is it possible to cast fine items from molds?
A: Nope, metalcast items max at Average (+0) quality. Metalcasting from molds is intended as a relatively fast means of producing items at the expense of higher quality.

Q: Are there any places to practice/learn lapidary yet?
A: Nope.

Q: Can I remove a knife handle from a blade? Like is it possible to disassemble things. The knife I have has a fine blade, but an average handle.
A: Nope. May be possible in the future at some point.

Q: Is there a Company directory somewheres?
A: Nope. An option for Company founders to publicly list their companies and a little blurb about them is a neat idea, though.

Q: How do you gain ranks in a guild?
A: No way at the moment.

Q: Do they have ships in New Emberlight?
A: Lorewise, yes. It's not a major port, but it's a port nonetheless. Probably mostly fishing boats and the occasional trade or merchant vessel.

Q: Should I bug it?
A: If you're experiencing something that seems wrong or buggy, bug it. Always. On the other hand, don't use the BUG command for feature or balancing requests. Those belong on the BBS.

Q: So what are the feed troughs for? the food already goes into the structure for the animals right?
A: The feed troughs are a convenience feature, so you can just put all animal feed into the troughs and any kind of animal will check it for food they like, instead of worrying about putting feed into the individual shelters (though the latter still works).

Q: Is there anywhere to study animal Husbandry?
A: In the farm stockade just outside the invidivudal farms.

Q: What are the commands to check farm info?
A: Try the FARM command.

Q: How do you leave an occult circle?
A: Try the LEAVE command.

Q: Is Indoor considered urban? Like if I'm in a farm house.
A: Being indoor doesn't automatically count as urban. Urban environments will show "Ur" next to the room name, and show "Urban" in the output of the ENVIRONMENT command. That said, if you're inside a farmhouse and it doesn't say it's an urban environment, I'd report that with the BUG command.

Q: Do you need farming skill to weed?
A: No, but you don't get any experience for it if you don't have any Farming skill.

Q: I wonder if we could get an option to switch it from showing people as average or short based on what is actually average or tall, and make it based relative to your own height.
A: Nah.

Q: Would you believe that despite the fact I'm only setting them up for someone else, I'm still getting experience for these kills?
A: Yep, things such as tackling and sweeping and the like still count as melee hits on a creature, meaning you'll get experience for them when they're defeated even if you're just knocking them over so your buddy can be the one to actually kill them. This was to encourage versatile group tactics and involvement in combat, letting everyone feel rewarded for their participation instead of just the damage-dealers.

Q: are there general abilities here, like weapon specializations and whatnot?
A: There are a couple of them, including True Strike. Weapon specializations would be associated with Warriors specifically. The affinity system, if it's ever implemented, could help non-warriors get a little more comfortable with a specific weapon type, though not to the same degree as Warriors.

Q: How would I go about submitting things to the library or to NPCs? Is there an npc mail command?
A: No NPCmail command. There are plans for a way for players to donate items to the library. It'll likely involve going to a specific room in the library and offering the item for consideration, which will leave the item in a queue pending GM review before being accepted and either added to the bookshelves of freely readable material, or put on display for people to look at and possibly study via the lore study mecanic, if it has such lore data attached to it.

Q: Is there any way to move animals from one farm to another?
A: Nope.

Q: Do bowstrings take damage when strung?
A: Nope, only when used to launch projectiles.

Q: Is there a lamellar armor vendor?
A: Nope, it's not considered a standard armor type at this time.

Q: Wonder if we'll ever be able to swim over rivers and such
A: The rivers on the wilderness map are put there as barriers to prevent the map from getting too big too quick, so those will likely never be passable beyond certain specific crossing points. If anyone feels the need to justify in-character why they don't just swim across the river, take your pick of the river moving too fast, or having carved down a bit low in the terrain with the banks too steep to climb on the other side. Or just state that you don't want to get all your stuff waterlogged and ruined.

Q: Washing with soap gives morale?
A: Yes it does, moreso than washing without it.

Q: I thought hearing a story being told was suppose to boost morale?
A: Nope. Might be a neat ability for bards, though.

Q: Is it possible to use two shields?
A: Nope. One shield, one weapon. Any exceptions would have to be specifically coded in (as is planned for some situations, like duelists with off-hand daggers and the like).

Q: Eh, i always thought using and holding shields should nerf out your ability to throw nether
A: Having items in both hands should probably at least interfere with those casts. Raw sorcery casts originate at the hand and go a single direction from there - no course-correcting or guiding around corners or anything like that.

Q: I noticed when you cast eleech it says a tendril lashes out from your form. Not from your hands.
A: That was so I didn't have to re-write it for use by creatures that don't have hands, but based on this comment I should probably put a different message for humanoids. Human sorcerers would indeed have the tendril originate from their hands, as with all their conjurations that don't specifically state or allude otherwise in their descriptions.

Q: Wasn't there a way to recall what people look like via their name?
A: Nope.
An assistant introduces a lanky brooding-eyed woman with tan skin to you as Karen and assigns you to treat her wounds.
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