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Tips and advice for newer players [serious only]

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2021 1:23 pm
by Rias
I'm starting this thread to crowdsource a list of useful tips and advice for new players. I'll keep a more formal list somewhere else like the wiki that the game can draw from with an ADVICE/TIPS command, and maybe an option to display a random tip once every 10 or so minutes in-game. But everyone feel to contribute here on this thread. And please keep the suggestions here to serious ones only, so I don't have to sift through silly stuff.

First tip: You can use the NOMINATE command to nominate a fellow player if their roleplay particularly impresses or engages you. This can result in the player being notified and rewarded with an RPA (RolePlay Award)!

Re: Tips and advice for newer players [serious only]

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2021 1:27 pm
by nworpheus
Want the GMs to know your character's backstory? Use the Backstory command!

Re: Tips and advice for newer players [serious only]

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2021 1:30 pm
by nworpheus
Tip: Hardtack will fill you up, but it's not very tasty. Visit the bakery for some more enjoyable fare.

Tip: Morale is important. You can raise it by using soap when you wash, sleeping in a rented bed, and eating tasty foods.
(And add whatever other ways that I as a new player don't know)

Re: Tips and advice for newer players [serious only]

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2021 1:44 pm
by nobody
Curious about specific features? Check the rolling change log here ( and search for relevant skills, classes, or categories.

When you learn a new crafting skill, use recipe known to find out what you can make, and recipe unknown to see what you might be able to make in the future.

Use peer when exploring new areas, it can save your character's life! It won't always work, but when it does it can be very useful.

Use @<name> to reference other things in your emotes, to roll your eyes @Rias without hard-coding what you would call them. Using @ by itself to target yourself. You can also @<object>, point @crate to let everyone know which one you're talking about. Remember, emote responsibly.

You can use possessives in emotes! Use @my, @me's, or @'s to target yourself possessively, but remember it will remove your name as the first word of the emote, and just use @<name>'s for the possessive form of someone else. Remember, emote responsibly.

Not good at remembering post office numbers? Use mail alias <name> <number> to have the game remember it for you. Using mail alias without modifiers will show what you've already remembered.

No need to `get` it first, use `stow <item>` to put it directly in your bags from the ground.

You'll automatically eat to keep your nutrition above 60% on the wilderness map. If you often forget to keep enough food until you're out, keep a closed pouch with some extra food for the trip back. Just remember to eat it before it spoils!

You can give people more than one name with the name command. With name person as <adjective> <name> <color> you'll probably remember enough about them to interact appropriately.

You can use a mask or hood to disguise yourself, just pull hood, wear mask (or pull neckerchief). Just remember to take it off sometimes or you'll look suspicious!

Want a hip-quiver and can only find a back-quiver? Hold that quiver and use the modify command to swap between the two. Works for canteens too!

Use gird to get your melee weapon and shield quickly, and unarm to put them away just as fast.

Most character decisions don't have to be permanent, use ability unlearn to forget an ability, and skill decrease to forget a skill.

Too much stuff on the floor for you to read through, try using `contents` to see it with one item per line.

Picked up bushcraft, but can't find lithics to knap? Read help flint to get hints on where to find some.

Need to stash an item for a little bit until you can come back for it? Hide <object> will hide the object in the room. Interacting with it will give away it's location though, so take care.

You can specify hidden objects with hidden (get hidden package), and also specifically target non-hidden objects using visible or unhidden (get visible package).

When you leave a dark place, consider `extinguish`ing your light source so you can use it again later.

You can gain experience by completing tasks, using skills you've trained, or defeating challenging opponents in combat.

Bushcraft is useful for survival in the wild, but most bushcraft goods (including forage) don't get much riln. You're better off with a profession skill to make serious riln.

Hungry and lost in the wilderness? You can `forage` for food, or `forage pine cone` and `crush pine cone` to get pine nuts. They're edible raw, but you'll need a skillet and bushcraft or cooking skill to cook them.

Using the `outfit` command can help make wearing and removing armor or costumes a breeze!

Too many structures on your farm? Use `demolish` to clear one off and make a little more room.

If you find yourself at the market often, use `browse new` or `list recent` to see what's been added recently.

Injuries won't heal on their own, you'll need a physicker to treat them. The physicker at the town infirmary can treat most things, but only PC physickers can splint fractured bones and treat frostbite.

Some objects are more than they appear. If an object says it can be studied, you can get a portfolio and study it. You'll need to take it back to a place of learning and study your notes to uncover its secrets though.

You can buy labels at the post office or general store and `label` held items or handcarts, but once applied they cannot be removed. Don't be surprised if shady figures start eyeing your pouch labeled 'riln' though.

You can sell contents <container> gems to sell all the gems in a held, worn, or pulled container. Just double check that you're not selling everything from the bag.

The transfer command will match any part of an item. Use `transfer spoiled from backpack to barrel` to quickly get rid of your spoiled food items.

Re: Tips and advice for newer players [serious only]

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2021 2:14 pm
by nworpheus
Something that tells new players exactly what types of activities can grant your character experience, aside from tasks, would be really handy. =)

Also a tip telling physickers that their first ability should be basic med certification so they can go on duty, maybe? Not sure how that one would play out.

Just because you see something when you SURVEY doesn't mean the plants actually have anything on them when you FORAGE. If it seems like you're just standing around, try another location.

Re: Tips and advice for newer players [serious only]

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2021 6:29 pm
by Dennis
Try the items command to see a list of items in the room.
Use the exits command to see a list of any known, obvious exits in the room.
Try the weapons command to get a a quick overview of what your weapon options are.
Use the warmth command to see how you stand up against the cold.
Are your rolls lower than expected while you're wearing armor? Use the armor command to see the difficulty your armor poses on you.
Use the containers command to see what containers you have!
Try using the count command to take inventory of specific item quantities.

Re: Tips and advice for newer players [serious only]

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 12:00 am
by Karjus
Combat: Timing is important. If you attack someone just after they've entered roundtime their defensive rerolls will take a penalty. This goes for players and monsters, regular attacks and maneuvers.

Use the Combat command to see what your maximum attack and defensive rolls are, your armour rolls and whether you have a default weapon set.

Right Tool for the Job. Some armors are weaker to certain damage types than others, and this effects monsters too. If you're not hurting much when you land a decent blow, consider changing up weapon.

Group Combat. You don't have to hurt a monster or kill it to get experience. If you disable it with tackle, sweep or other abilities and your partner kills it with a single blow, you still earn as much experience as your colleague.

Re: Tips and advice for newer players [serious only]

Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2021 7:39 am
by Dennis
Low on dough and not sure which way to go? Head to the town hall to do some tasks!

Some undertakings, like stump pulling or treefelling, are best done with other people. No man does it alone!

Can't fight this feeling to smile at you! A lot of commands can be directed at another character by typing their name after the command, like "SMILE MAN"!

Re: Tips and advice for newer players [serious only]

Posted: Wed May 26, 2021 3:23 pm
by Rias
We've had a good number of new people stopping by, so I'm bumping this both for visibility to the new folks and to see if anyone has any further additions.

Re: Tips and advice for newer players [serious only]

Posted: Sun Sep 19, 2021 7:27 pm
by Marcuson
You can use the adjective "my" to target items your character wears or has in their containers. Similarly, you can use "notmy" to target items not on your character. For example, "get my chalk" will pick up chalk that's somewhere in your containers instead of from the ground.

When using "transfer" to move items around, you can type a number instead of a type of item. For example, "transfer 10 from my backpack to ground", will transfer the first ten items (of any type) to the ground.