Launch Goals

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Launch Goals

Post by Rias » Wed Aug 07, 2019 1:59 pm

Below are the goals I have set that I see as requirements to make the game ready for launch. Or in other words, before I'm comfortable doing any player recruiting beyond what's going on already via word of mouth.

- Death needs to have meaningful consequences, and not have glaring lore holes. Starting with "Phase 1" version. (No PC-performed resurrections or anything yet)
- Arcanist class specialization of the Scholar Guild (specializing in a variety of occult glyphs)
- Druidy-type class specialization of the Scholar Guild
- Add more ways for Physickers to help others. Notably including therapy that can help PCs recover more quickly from sanity loss, which death inflicts a large amount of
- Ensure every guild class has at least 10 abilities available to it. (Not unique - overlapping/shared abilities do count)
- Hostile combat areas from skill level 0 to 400
- Add descriptions to description-less rooms
- Add more huntable beasts to areas
- Ensure presence of attainable mining resources
- Ensure presence of attainable forage resources
- Add a bunch of lore studyables
- Update Cooking to work better

If anyone feels something absolutely necessary is missing from the above list, please post about it here.

Note that following completion of the above, I will be quickly moving to phase 2 goals, including:

- Guild tasks
- Alchemist class specialization of the Scholar Guild
- A ranged class specialization of the Warrior Guild
- Anti-Nethrim Society
- Anti-Infested Society
- Rook Parlour Society
- Hostile combat areas from 400-700

Also note that once Phase 1 goals are done and we're considered "launched", I will be unleashing the GMs upon the playerbase to get events rolling. We want to establish from the start that this is a living world where things happen, and get players involved in that.

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Re: Launch Goals

Post by Irylia » Wed Aug 07, 2019 3:29 pm

I don't know that these are absolutely necessary for launch, but I wanted to bring it up anyway just to see if it's on your radar. I noticed there's a decent amount mentioned for adding to what's currently implemented, but are you planning to work on some of the areas that don't have anything yet (cooking aside as that was listed)? Specifically, some of the professions may not have any functionality or at least do not currently have helpfiles or wiki articles. Things like brewing, glassworking, potentially masonry, or others. Are these intended to be worked on for future phases since they're not really "essential" for most playstyles and are generally more of supporting features? Is there a plan to have any kind of crafting-oriented guild with associated societies, tasks, and abilities before launch? I know most people are probably more interested in the combat/wildernessy/scholarly stuff, but my character is pretty heavily invested in crafting and labor so any insight would be amazing.

Also, do you have any idea what potential phase things like meditation, trading, linguistics might fall under?

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Re: Launch Goals

Post by Rias » Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:06 pm

Masonry is implemented and has a document: It'll be added to and expanded as ideas come in.

Brewing is something I definitely want to add, but just haven't been hit with that inspired moment to do so. I see plenty of uses for it that I want to implement. I could add the basics of it into phase 2.

Glassworking: Eh. I'm not really sure what I had in mind when I originally added that as a skill. I can think of a couple simple uses for the skill, but not really enough that I think anyone could justify actually investing in it. It's pretty much on the chopping block at this point, but if people want it and can think of a good number of ways to implement it and make it feel meaningful, I'm all ears.

I do plan on a crafting-oriented guild, but I feel like it's by far the least essential of the 4 currently planned (Warrior, Adventurer, Scholar, Crafter). Crafters can already currently pick up their skills and recipes to craft away and make all sorts of fun stuff. I'm also having difficulty coming up with a significant number of abilities that feel meaningful for such a guild. Without getting much further into it here, I'll just say that there is a plan for a crafting guild, but I feel the crafting skills and systems already in place feel meaningful enough on their own that I don't think I'd need to delay over adding an entire guild and subclasses around them. Probably a good idea to make a prominent note somewhere that a crafting guild is planned, though, so people who want to be especially crafting-oriented characters can know to hold off on joining another guild.

Meditation, trading, linguistics - I think I could get the basics of those into Phase 2 easily enough.

The performing skills - I'm not sure what all I want to do with them at this point. I do want to keep them, and I have a few ideas of how to work them into systems beyond just RP, but they're still pretty vague at this point. P.S. Storytelling at least is implemented, and can be used to make some money and earn some experience.

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