Voicechat 25th of June 2022 2pm MST (Post your questions)

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Voicechat 25th of June 2022 2pm MST (Post your questions)

Post by Teri » Tue Jun 21, 2022 8:40 am

Post away your questions for the next vc here.

(Not my question, but I am heavily interested in the answer)

1: Do ESP crystals work when cracked? Could you grind one up and have ESP glitter?
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Re: Voicechat 25th of June 2022 2pm MST (Post your questions)

Post by Marcuson » Tue Jun 21, 2022 8:54 am

Are there any connections between Qetzicotl and Balastrossa?

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Re: Voicechat 25th of June 2022 2pm MST (Post your questions)

Post by Rias » Fri Jun 24, 2022 10:11 am

I wanted to try something different for this week's meetup, and instead have everyone get together in an OOC area in-game. I think it'd be fun and a nostalgic throwback to my early MUD days when we did that type of thing rather than meeting up through some third-party means. I also think it could get some people to show up and participate that normally wouldn't on Discord/voice. We'll have a system in place so at the start, only one person can talk at a time to keep things orderly. Then we can follow with opening it up to a free-for-all once everyone's had a turn to speak. Maybe open up the OOC Arena for anyone who wants to duke it out.

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Re: Voicechat 25th of June 2022 2pm MST (Post your questions)

Post by Navi » Fri Jun 24, 2022 10:21 am

Looking forward to it!
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Re: Voicechat 25th of June 2022 2pm MST (Post your questions)

Post by Arphaxad » Sat Jun 25, 2022 10:10 am

What breed of dog are varhound based on?



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Re: Voicechat 25th of June 2022 2pm MST (Post your questions)

Post by Irylia » Mon Jun 27, 2022 2:09 pm

Did anyone take notes for this and can you post them? They're usually posted pretty soon after the meeting but I didn't see anything yet.

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Re: Voicechat 25th of June 2022 2pm MST (Post your questions)

Post by tulpa » Mon Jun 27, 2022 2:52 pm

Hey, I have logs that I haven't had a moment to trim and post just yet, but rest assured they will be.

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Re: Voicechat 25th of June 2022 2pm MST (Post your questions)

Post by tulpa » Tue Jun 28, 2022 10:14 am

((DEV Rias)) says, "All right. Welcome to all the folks who haven't attended our weekly OOC meetings before! I apologize in advance for the disappointment you'll soon be feeling."

((DEV Rias)) says, "To start, I think I'm going to do the thing I coded up for the occasion where people can only speak if they have the floor. We had fun testing it yesterday and it'd be a shame to not use it."

((DEV Rias)) says, "No fighting during the meeting. I will banhammer offenders."

((DEV Rias)) says, "So we've got the thing active now where hands are raised in order to request speaking."

((DEV Rias)) says, "And I should be able to speak still despite not havin the floor. Hopefully that still works."

Rocode asks, "Hello! I have two questions. First, can FACEPALM be added to the whitelist for these meetings, and second, is there a non-formal roadmap of order of precedence for planned development? Like what the priorities are, beyond Mistveil?"

((DEV Rias)) exclaims, "Of course there's a roadm- oh. Looking forward beyond one thing, huh? Well, there's Societies after that!"

((DEV Rias)) says, "After Mistral though, I'm probably going to focus on an event or two. Nothing world-shattering. But it's been so long since I let myself focus on events."

((DEV Rias)) says, "Facepalm should work now in moderated meeting rooms."

Rocode asks, "And finally, do you want us to pass speaker after you are finish answering, or before?"

Speaking to Rocode ((DEV Rias)) says, "Probably after I've responded and you have nothing else."

Rocode says, "Well, I have *many* questions, but I think it is only fair to do one at a time."

Itztli says, "I don't have a question, but I have a comment relating to what Rocode said. Several of us were discussing the Dominion in voice a week or so ago, and Rocode brought up that Mistral Lake will be shiny and new, and people will want to naturally gravitate toward it. He was wondering what Shadgard would have going for it."

Itztli says, "I suggested that releasing the first society for Shadgard would probably balance that out."

((DEV Rias)) asks, "Shadgard has steam! And it's not an authoritarian dystopia?"

((DEV Rias)) snickers.

Itztli exclaims, "Fair!"

((DEV Rias)) says, "But I think we've got a pretty solid little base of folks who are planning to stay in Shadgard. I'm happy to give it more to prevent too many people from being tempted away, but I think it'll be okay."

((DEV Rias)) says, "And also, if everyone leaves to Mistral, I can be all the more smug when a bunch inevitably slink back to Shadgard with alts."

((DEV Rias)) says, "Because Shadgard is awesome! :shagerd:."

Zaeed asks, "I have 3 suggestions. first of all is a suggestion regarding a bank account system. would it be possible to have a joint bank account where you can give or remove access to people in your company?"

((DEV Rias)) says, "Company bank accounts are on The List."

((DEV Rias)) says, "Possibly even company vaults, as some kind of paid perk."

((DEV Rias)) says, "It'd be neat to have a little Company treasure/gear room or something."

((DEV Rias)) clarifies, "And I meant paid in riln. Not microtransactions."

Zaeed says, "Thank you, the second is regarding the duration of felling and chopping trees, would it be possible to make the max time to 1hr for each? because current duration is way too much. even for real life trees."

((DEV Rias)) says, "I'm happy to re-evaluate tree-chopping times. Starting a thread and getting several opinions on it would be a good idea. I also think the bigger issue with trees right now is the de-branching process."

((DEV Rias)) says, "(Also: Just whitelisted the AGREE command for moderated speaking sessions.)."

Zaeed asks, "Thanks and the third is concerning the mistvale dominian. i fear that the rp might become more tense if there are too much hostilities between chars, is there a plan to counter the pvp hostilities and keep them to cvc? because i heard that if you have a char in shadgard then you cannot have a char in mistral or something similar. please clarify that?"

((DEV Rias)) says, "Yeah, it just means you can't have active characters in both factions at the same time. If you want to make the switcharoo with an alt to Mistral for instance, you'll first have to shelve your Shadgard characters. We feel there are too many potential issues in allowing people to quickly hop between the two. Too many situations like meta-spying or sabotaging your enemy faction via an alt, etc."

((DEV Rias)) says, "As far as keeping the hostilities in-character... I don't really have a particular plan in mind at the moment honestly, aside from trustin that our playerbase is generally trustworthy and being willing to have one-on-ones with people if any problem cases come up."

Maya offers, "First, I'm sure that BBS topic for trees would have many branching oppinions."

Maya says, "Secondly, I have a comment that's sort of based on the last one, as it pertains to CVC. As it stands, the character limit, the acount locking, and the fact that people tend to be respecctful, we should be alright. My problem with Mistral is..what is the thing that makes people not just gravitate towards it fdue to sorcery freedoms or similar? I have more to clarify, hold on."

Maya asks, "Basically, one of the main things that I fear for people in Mistral is that they will think Mistral is looser than it is, mess up, and get in trouble, and then be like..oh, that's not quite how I thought the system worked, i don't like it. What happens then?"

((DEV Rias)) says, "When we start out, we may have to try and be a little more generous with people making decisions before factions reputations have really settled in. I do hope that it's pretty obvious that the Mistveil *Dominion* is rather enthusiatic about control and order, and not a place to go for people who have issues with authority or just want to be left to do their own thing without potential government meddling. As staff we've all tried to make that as apparent as possible in descriptions and presentations and all that."

((DEV Rias)) says, "But in the end, the GM team always has the ability to deal with cases individually. If something happens that was completely unforeseen and completely ruins a character, we on staff can look over the situation and see if we can come up with solutions."

Bo asks, "Does Shadgard have a stronger connection with the Pumpkin King over other townships/factions? I know they're not just limited to the lost lands, based on what I've read on the wiki, but, in years past, none other than Shadgard have decorated or what not. Intentional?"

Speaking to Bo, ((DEV Rias)) says, "I'd say Shadgard is probably the place where the Pumpkin King and his associated lore is the most popular and commonly-known. It's a cultural thing that they in particular get into. Not just for the lore, but also because they enjoy making a holiday of it."

Speaking to ((DEV Rias)), Roen asks, "I've heard through the teri that rias@contrarium.net eats emails/replies. I'm imagining quite a few replies were never received. Should we create new emails to cogg@contrarium.net to continue those conversations or might something be fixed with rias@contrarium.net in the future?"

Speaking to Roen, ((DEV Rias)) says, "Yeah, my email provider is apparently hated by Gmail and a few others. I'll probably just need to bite the bullet and use a different one from COGG communications. I'll do that after this meeting. It'll still go through the same email address, though."

((DEV Rias)) mutters a subversive "Resist the tyranny of Big Tech!" under his breath before turning to listen to a short lanky pepper-gray-haired elderly man with bronzed skin and dark brown eyes.

((DEV Rias)) makes a note to have some way to list raised hands in the order they were raised.

Rocode says, "Hello! Two quick suggestions and a question. First suggestion: A prompt status or reminder that you have a hand raised. Second: Cloudflare has a lovely free email aliasing system that works with gmail. And finally, my question:."

((DEV Rias)) says, "Good call on the raised hand prompt. I'll add that."

Rocode asks, "A library system has been mentioned as a thing for The Future(TM). Will there be an incentive for writing books, and could there be a way of donating books before a formal system is written?"

((DEV Rias)) says, "Yeah, I've been excited for an in-game player-supported library/knowledgebase for a long time, but it's one of those things that's fighting for priority time. A book/document donations mailbox number might serve in the meantime."

((DEV Rias)) asks, "As for incentivizing or rewarding, hmm... any ideas?"

Rocode says, "A form of RPAs would work, I think."

Rocode, "Since it is long form asynchronous RP."

((DEV Rias)) says, "(Also, I'm absolutely going to rope some Scholars into screening submissions for the Library. Delegation!)."

Taliba asks, "My first question are the ones from BBS. Do ESP crystals work when cracked? Could you grind one up and have ESP glitter?"

((DEV Rias)) says, "Cracking them would prevent them from working, alas. They're fairly fragile things."

((DEV Rias)) says, "That's why you have to wait for a special rare merchant to get those pendants in nonstandard shapes. There's a lot that goes into making the things work right, and presumably the form of the crystal is important in some way."

Taliba asks, "The second questions. Are there any connections between Qetzicotl and Balastrossa?"

((DEV Rias)) asks, "People have certainly made their own proposed connections between Qetzicotl and Balastrossa, but nothing official. The same entity? The same type of being? Associates? BFFS?"

Taliba asks, "I forgot, one more question from bbs. What breed of dog are varhound based on?"

((DEV Rias)) says, "I'd say imagine a direwolf and an Irish wolfhound once loved each other very much."

Argent exclaims, "Hi. This is my first one of these, so I am just honestly excited to be here, and laughing like an idiot half the time. I had two questions, but first I just wanted to say thanks, to everyone, for being part of what I consider the best game in existence, and letting me be part of it. Anyway!"

Speaking to Argent, ((DEV Rias)) exclaims, "It's great because you're here!"

Argent asks, "Anyway. Question one, is there ever going to be any way, shape or form in which players can customise gear they have crafted? I know that would sort of kill event merchants to an extent, but maybe we could reserve them for specific things, and have a limited catalogue for crafter players?"

((DEV Rias)) says, "I was actually dreaming of gear customization options last night. Or the night before that? I often dream of features I hope to get to while falling asleep."

((DEV Rias)) says, "But yes, I'd love to really crank a customization system up to 11 one day. Add embellishments, swap string order, stuff like that."

((DEV Rias)) says, "Add gems to bling things up if you're one of -those- people."

((DEV Rias)) says, "I wonder if that'd drive up the price of things like fey emeralds and fire rubies and whatnot."

Speaking to ((DEV Rias)), ((Event Staff Fellborn)) says, "I like anything that puts me out of work."

((DEV Rias)) says, "But yeah, it would make GM merchants a bit less special... but I think that's okay. I'm happy to pass some of feeling of specialness off to players and let the do it."

Argent asks, "Anyway, I figured I should ask, since I think it's a running gag at this point, but I really, really REALLY want to see this, because I am an honest rogue, damn it all, and I hate money. Planting, when?"

((DEV Rias)) says, "If I had a nickel for every time I went into the PLANT command ready to implement artifice planting, stared at it for a while, and then went "nah there are other things I should do first, this is complicated"."

((DEV Rias)) sits down on a dull-gray large weighted storage cube emblazoned with a pink heart.

A very tall slender brown-haired adult man with fair skin and hazel eyes says, "First, I'd really like to be able to use the capacity of a skillet or pot to its fullest when cooking."

A very tall slender brown-haired adult man with fair skin and hazel eyes says, "Example, putting 5 raw meat in there to get 5 seared meat."

((DEV Rias)) asks, "I'm sorry, did you just bring up cooking?"

((DEV Rias)) removes an unrealistically massive uberite banhammer from his miniature spiral galaxy (open).

((DEV Rias)) says, "Cooking needs an overhaul in so many ways, so I'll add that to the list. Assuming you mean something in the vein of cooking more than just a single egg at a time."

A very tall slender brown-haired adult man with fair skin and hazel eyes says, "Second, real quick thing is that it would be good for screen reader accessibility if we could have account names for these OOC venues."

((DEV Rias)) says, "Oh, shoot. Good call."

Ironcross says, "I dislike the shelving system because I feel that it punishes people who can RP multiple characters without issue. I feel that everyone should be able to have their characters active and switch between them at will, providing they're not being silly about it. Then, if someone shows that they're unable to RP multiples at once, then they could be restricted from doing so. IF the shelving must remain, I wish the time would be 7 days rather than 30."

Rias says, "I know it's not a perfect solution. I do prefer in this case a preemptive/preventative approach rather than a reactive/punishment one, though. That said, it might be a good discussion to start on the BBS so others can weigh in with detailed thoughts and discussion. I'm pretty set on keeping things as they are, but there's always the possibility I might be convinced otherwise."

Pernick says, "Three things: 1 - For these OOC chats, having some sort of polling system where you suggest a poll with set answers might help prevent some of the text flow here, and simplify instead of relying on emotes."

Pernick says, "2 - Maybe the wrong forum for this, but could someone please add some categorization to the 'Commands' list. As a newbie, it's really hard to parse what is what from just the alphabetical list."

Rias says, "I just need to decide who to delegate the categorization to for the commands list."

Pernick says, "3 - Any plans for some kind of market needs command? As a crafter, it'd be nice to know that there is a lack of, say, arrow shafts on the market."

Speaking to Pernick, Rias says, "Hmm, maybe an automated sign or something that lists select commmon items that are low/missing."

Rias says, "Or an NPC that yells on ESP every now and then, 'Darnit, all I need are some small hafts! Where are all the small hafts?'."

Speaking to Pernick, Rias says, "Good ideas. I've added them to The List."

Bonehead asks, "I was wondering, for question 1, if old Aetgard had a generalized faith anyone remembers. And question 2 is, what's the deal with the Unified holy Pantheon?"

Rias says, "The Unified Holy Pantheon is kind of the answer to 1. They've tried their best to mash the majority of faiths/religious beliefs together as best they can. Some are in it for spiritual reasons, others more out of scholarly interests, and some for both of course. But Aetgard did have significant influence from Faewyr spiritual beliefs from the very start, and later got a bump of Viali ones from a large migration that brought that with them."

Rias says, "After jolly old Gudleifr and the fallout that came after his bloody campaign of going back to the Old Ways, there were a lot of waves that needed to be smoothed over. The following ruler tried to salvage the situation by trying to pull in and normalize a lot of varying spiritual and religious beliefs under one umbrella. Shared holidays and all that."

Eugor says, "Oh right, uh, I totally meant to write this ahead of time. I'll try and keep it brief. 1. Random NPCs calling out for components sounds amazing, and would make my character more inclined to pay more attention to it. Right, 2. Would you consider for the short term allowing artifice rolls to assist in aiming checks, either by an ability, or just having it as a perk of the artifice skill."

Rias says, "NPCs calling for components and whatnot might get a little spammy, so maybe we'll consider that ESP channel split idea from a while back where there could be a separate merchant/commerce channel. And you could listen to multiple channels at once, though of course only transmit on one at a time."

Eugor says, "That sounds great. Like a trade network."

Eugor says, "The color will obviously be riln-silver."

[Answering Eugor's second question] Rias says, "Maybe an ability to apply Artifice to aiming chances with certain weapons and in certain situations. I don't know that I'd want it to just be a constant blanket bonus."

Eugor says, "There was a suggestion to apply it to melee attacks, is that something you would be considered, or something like you said that would need to be worked out thoroughly."

Rias says, "I'd want to come up with which situations it would feel right for, but those situations can be melee ones."

Eugor says, "I believe that's everything, thanks for doing this by the way."

Rias exclaims, "Thanks for joining and participating!"

Rocode says, "I have a response to a prior question, and two new questions."

Rocode says, "I believe the NPC callouts would both be spammy, and further encourage leaving clients connected to keep a history list of when things tend to go "out". I think an asynchronous means of information transfer, like a requests board, would be objectively easier to get information out of."

Rocode says, "Although NPC callouts are cool, I just would hate to have to gag them."

Rias says, "Yeah, I don't want ot to be overwhelming. I don't think I'd be able to resist the temptation to have them happen very occasionally though, just because it would be fun. And potentially funny. I think I'm funny sometimes."

Rias says, "I'll have Fellborn write them for me. Fellborn is great at grumpy grumbling NPCs."

Fellborn says, "I kind of thought all my NPCs were quite chipper folk."

Rocode says, "Someone in VC mentioned the issue of training when locked out of a town, and I am sure this has been brought up before, but has players training other players been suggested before? Perhaps only people considered to be a 'Master' of a specific skill, i.e. 700 skill, and can only train up to 400 or so? Would encourage interaction between players and provide reasons to seek out others in your vocational guild or faction."

Rias says, "PCs training other PCs could be fun. We had it in The Other Game, and I'm sure we could figure out some way to make it work reasonably over here, too."

Speaking to Rias, Fellborn says, "Only if it still ends up being a riln sink."

Rias says, "I wouldn't want it to be a viable replacement of NPC trainers. I'd want some kind of limitations in place. But it's something to think about that I think could be pretty cool."

Rocode says, "Secondly, I myself have no inclination of shelving characters any time soon, but as a newbie I did have negative experiences with this, so I thought I would bring it up. It would be nice if there was an option when shelving a character that they would retain their Aura Color for a limited time during shelving, perhaps a month or two, to prevent newbies like me from inadvertently causing conflict or confusion by accidently selecting a color that was "taken" by another---."

Rocode says, "There has also been concern of "color sniping" when a character is shelved. I think it would be nice for everyone involved if a color could be locked for a bit of time."

Rias says, "Maybe with some kind of limit as to how many can be reserved. We could run out of colors if people knew they could rotate and reserve several of their favorite colors 'just in case I play this character at some point in the future'."

Rocode says, "I think it is also important for someone to voluntarily be able to give up a color when shelving as well, if they DON'T want to lock it."

Rias apologies for the cynicism.

Rocode says, "That is a valid point, but the two character limit and some sort of shelving/reshelving delay could possibly help with preventing abuse."

Rias says, "Good call though. It can be heartbreaking to lose a favorite character's color just because you wanted to take a breather for a bit."

Rocode exclaims, "Thank you for your time. I will now be silently hoarding the Power of the Floor unti- WAIT, WAIT, NOT THE BANHAMMER!"

Rias adds the suggestion to The List.

Gorth says, "I remembered my thinggy! Number one: OOC arena? I heard that was happening? Is that happening? I was also going to ask for account avatars like, two hours ago, but it already happened sooo..."

Rias says, "Oh, yeah. I can add a door to the OOC arena after we wrap up here."

Rias says, "I set it up so dying in it sends you to the OOC infirmary rather than insteaheal. Which exits into this room when you're ready."

Gorth says, "Also PSA: I made a topic about Artifice suggestions! Check it out! I don't have a link."

Speaking to Gorth, Rias asks, "Or are you just trying to misdirect us into looking for a topic that doesn't really exist?"

Teri nods toward a dull-gray large weighted storage cube emblazoned with a pink heart, acknowledging it.

Teri asks, "I was waiting to do that. My question. This may have come up before, but when characters speak in other languages on the network their words are seemingly translated. Is it translated to common for those on the network, or translated to a language they can understand? Would it be weird to utilize in an rp way of not speaking common by usage of the network?"

Rias says, "It's translated by the Power of Bug."

Rias says, "I keep forgetting to fix that. Languages should remain language-y over ESP."

Speaking to Rias, Saladbowl asks, "About socials, some are said to have subcommands. Will there ever be a way to see those subcommands without EXTREME TESTING?"

Rias says, "Maybe! I'd have to spruce up some very old legacy code to do it, but that sounds like one of those therapeutic projects when I don't feel like working on what I should be prioritizing."

Frisbee says, "There are a couple of places, where your character's real name appears, instead of whatever you're generally known by, or a vague description of you. I'm talking about posters, and company roster list thingies."

Rias nods.

Frisbee says, "It's not uncommon, in a world like this, for people to go by different names from what their coded name is, so I think that just causes confusion, and spoils a lot of things that could have been discovered IC."

Frisbee says, "I'm not sure how this could be fixed, except recruit people into a company only when you've named them, and just leave the wanted poster without a name."

Rias says, "Yeah, that's understandable. The flip side is people who do something like "name self as Verungnr, Abyssal Horror, Terror of the Depths" and then get their fishing record, then name themselves back to Bob. Silly stuff like that. But it's something to look into, I agree."

Frisbee says, "Oh, the fishing records, too."

Speaking to Rias, Prism sipmly inquires, "You mentioned the church of the mother god in Ivial recently in a thread-- regarding the serpent queen. The Viali have recently come around to feeling good about her again-- how does Corodeangelo feel about this? I ask as a resident barbarian."

Rias says, "They continue to hold some wariness and mistrust, but they still honor and respect her as their creator. They're just more likely in general to remember the issues of the past in Constantia, and what they saw as the Viali stupidly repeating just fleeing it themselves. They hold onto things. They can be kind of grudgey."

Rias clarifies, "What they saw as the Viali stupidly repeating even though they had just fled that very same stuff in Constantia."

Prism says, "As a follow up question-- As a Vodr worshipper, should I just not like Balastrossa? I feel like I should just not like balastrossa."

Rias says, "Balastrossa is pretty uppity, rallying people against the Prime Immortals. Of whom Vodr is/was one of."

Prism says, "My thoughts precisely. Thank you for that brief clarification."

Eagalon says, "2 suggestions, related to previously raised points. and one lore question."

Eagalon says, "My suggestion was regarding the esp colors, well, the suggestion is that perhaps you could reserve it by paying 5000 or similar big amount of riln for a certain duration of time like say double the duration of the reactivating shelved chars."

Eagalon says, "And if you still dont play the char in question in lets say 2 months, then that would mean that its not a priority. or may be the duration can be 6 months or how much you pay in advance but it can be done with only 1 or two chars per account."

Rias says, "A paid reservation could help frivolous reservations, yeah. I'd still want an overall limit per account, but that would be good to weed out the "meh, don't really care much but why not" reservations."

Eagalon asks, "Thank you, the second suggestion is related to the point frisbee raised, what if you could name yourself for free the first time but every other time you have to go to the townhall and pay a fee to rename yourself?"

Eagalon says, "It would also help the town to know your current name so they would put your current name on the posters."

Rias says, "Hmmm, yeah, there might be some merit to the idea of a paid more "official" renaming that could go on records and whatnot. And only allowing it once every so often."

Rias adds some ideas to The List.

Eagalon says, "And the final point, a question is related to lore, sorry if i sound stupid, but could you tell me if there is an immortal that is like aranas but on the extreme otherside? it probably sounds stupid but i am kind of confused because my current knowledge is pretty much lacking in that regard. i should probably make a bbs account as well but that's here nor there. uh, sorry for the rambling."

Rias asks, "Hmm, can you clarify? What kind of opposite qualities are you looking for?"

Eagalon asks, "Like mmhmm, if i could mention the other game, the way lapis believed in?"

Rias asks, "Like the whole resist and purge corruption bit?"

Eagalon says, "Indeed."

Rias says, "(Also, let's hear Eugor, Brocode, and Salad after this, and then I'll throw in a door to the OOC arena for some post-meeting mayhem.)."

Eagalon asks, "Or in better words antithesis of aranas?"

Speaking to Eagalon, Rias says, "I don't necessarily have exact opposites for all the Immortals, but we've got Aphraen who's safety and sanctity of dreams vs Aranas terror and taking advantage of vulnerable mortals in nightmares, Aphraen protecting mankind from monsters like Aranas itself."

Rias says, "Might be something to think more about, hmmm."

Rocode asks, "First off, could we get SIGH and a neutral or SOSO social added to the whitelist? For when you both disagree and agree, or when you are feeling neutral toward something?"

Rias says, "Maybe SIT FENCE."

Rias says, "But really, yeah, good call."

Rocode asks, "Anyway, what does ESP stand for IC? Do we have a reason to capitalize it IC?"

Rias says, "Extra-Sensory Perception, same as our real world acronym."

Rias says, "It's something that dates waaaaay back to before much lore was lore, and it just kind of stuck without much thought since."

Rocode says, "Adding on to the previous comments, I as a newbie was confused and horrified that INTRODUCE gives your full "hardcoded" name. I think it would be good if we had an "internal" name and a "given" name if possible."

Rocode says, "Adding on to that, and what Eagalon said, having a name you give to your faction upon joining as an "official legal name" would be cool, that you could change for a fee and cooldown."

Rias says, "Hrm, it should introduce you as whatever you've named yourself as, so you could at any point NAME SELF AS (some other name) and then INTRODUCE should show that new name. (Though not in here thanks to my quick hack always showing account names)."

Rias says, "Yeah, the Dominion loves their paperwork."

Rocode says, "I understand, but it would be nice to "keep" a hard name and a separate "soft" name."

Rias exclaims, "All right, I'll add that to the pile. Introduction systems, whew!"

Rocode says, "Adding on to a previous VC conversation, you have stated you won't accept donations or patreon, despite our desire to throw money at you. Would you be open to choosing a charity of choice every three months or so, so we as a community could donate to that instead? Would be a fun community project, and see how much we can raise in cycles."

Rias says, "The FAQ lists the charities I support, including American Red Cross, UNICEF, Natural Resource Defense Council, Wildlife Conservation Network, and uh... not sure if I'm going to keep Sierra Club on there, but we won't wander off into politics here."

Rias says, "But having a Charity of the Quarter or something could be fun too."

Rocode says, "I don't know if you know this, but MUD players like when NUMBERS GO UP, and making NUMBERS GO UP with a charity is always fun."

Rias says, "I'll set up one of thos little thermometer graphics that tracks how much people have donated."

Rias exclaims, "I love watching those numbers go up as much as everyone else!"

Rocode exclaims, "Finally, I would like to speak on behalf of all scholars when I express our envy of the Warrior guild hall. Their great architecture, useful rooms, adorable pet kitty, and lack of infirmary causes deep anger and resen- wait, what is that music? ARE YOU PLAYING ME OFF THE STAGE! YOU CAN'T DO THAT! I **OWN** THIS FLOOOOOOR!"

Rias exclaims, "Warriors don't have a cool Sitting Area with cozy fire though!"

Speaking to Rocode, Rias says, "Don't worry, one day we'll get to the "What Was The Deal With Muhsin Anyway" internal Scholar event line and the Warriors can be jealous."

Eugor says, "First, artifice is OP, cause it works in moderated rooms."

Eugor says, "This is more a comment about the socials. There was a project started in CLOK aimed towards documenting the various commands. If I remember correctly, most of the socials that have sub commands were explained there. I think it was part of the commands syntax, but that seems like such a long time ago. I figure you could dig that up and probably convert it over here, to save you some time."

Speaking to Rias, Saladbowl asks, "First: is Lapis germanic? Second, which has probably been answered before, but I cannot find where: what is your stance on lore suggestions?"

Speaking to Saladbowl, Rias says, "First: Not really. I think maybe I gave a lore name or two that would suggest as much? But I do want to avoid worrying unintentional parallels that could be made."

Saladbowl says, "No messers, damnit."

Speaking to Saladbowl, Rias says, "Second: I don't mind lore suggestions, though I admit a hesitance to utilize them as I prefer things to be mine. I have run with some suggestions in the past, though. I would say feel free to give them, but I prefer more basic level conceptual suggestions than detailed essays."

Rias says, "I think it's time for the door to the battle area! Let me toggle off Conch Mode."

Rias says, "Thank you all for coming to this! I had a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed using this format."

Rias says, "Glad to see people show up that normally don't come to the weekly VCs."
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Re: Voicechat 25th of June 2022 2pm MST (Post your questions)

Post by Lexx416 » Tue Jun 28, 2022 10:36 am

Appreciate the cleaned up log, Tulpa! Thank you kindly for the diligence and work :)
"You hear the Woses, the Wild Men of the Woods... Remnants of an older time they be, living few and secretly, wild and wary as beasts."

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Re: Voicechat 25th of June 2022 2pm MST (Post your questions)

Post by Rias » Tue Jun 28, 2022 11:13 am

Thanks for the log, Tulpa!

I enjoyed this meeting so much. There's just something about getting together in the actual game environment. We got to goof around before and after with the game mechanics. And we got participation from people who don't attend the voice meetings for various reasons. I love utilizing the game itself more, even for OOC stuff like this.

We'll still do voice sometimes because that's fun too, but I'd love to have more meetings this way going forward!

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