Voice chat notes 16 Apr 2021

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Voice chat notes 16 Apr 2021

Post by nobody » Fri Apr 16, 2021 1:30 pm

Short voice chat today, but possibly more later if anyone has more questions.

To the best of my memory and note taking, the following were discussed:

new ranged/distance tweak - currently doesn't use skill, will eventually
will reach weapons (polearms, etc) ever be more of a disadvantage than an advantage? - long term planned, not yet implemented in any form
rogue/other alternative dodge abilities - all of them function on a best-of rather than additive bonuses
some accessibility stuff (please tackle what you can with client side substitutions/gags to minimize the number of options that have to be coded into the game)
development work - hunting area delayed due to mechanics issues, faction stuff being brewed in the background in the interim

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