Blackwater Logging Camp

Discussion of the various minor outposts out there.
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Blackwater Logging Camp

Post by Rias » Sat Mar 28, 2020 11:44 pm

Rumors have been floating around about Blackwater Logging Camp, a burgeoning little outpost tucked away somewhere in the wilderness. Word is that they're often in need of couriers, supply deliveries, medical assistance from skilled physickers, and may occasionally even need to hire out some help dealing with the various hostile denizens of the Lost Lands that find the outpost too tempting a target to resist raiding, now that word is getting out about the place.


Blackwater Logging Camp is a tiny outpost meant to serve as a destination for tasks and occasional events. It has some basic supplies available, and serves a purpose in the political climate of the Lost Lands that may be revealed more as time goes on. Some extremely basic info might be gleaned from a local automated NPC or two that can occasionally be found around the area. I'm hoping to let it have some organic growth and change as time goes on, based on events and how they're handled by PCs, but no - it's not going to grow into a major town.

The location is by no means meant to be a kept secret, but I thought I'd refrain from announcing just where it is at the moment so that players can explore a bit and find it on their own, and spread the word that way.

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