Cashier's Offices

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Cashier's Offices

Post by Rias » Thu May 12, 2022 2:44 pm

Per the changelog: Cashier's offices for receiving payment due (i.e. for tasks completed when no inventory space was available to receive payment at the time) have been added to the Stormholdt storehouse, Library of Qamar annex building, and Emberlight Keep.

These were added because of those occasional moments when you go to turn in a task and you don't have anywhere to put the riln, and it gets deposited in the local "bank". You can go to these offices which essentially function as withdraw-only banks and get your hard-earned money at last! They could potentially be used for other specific scenarios when the associated factions might feel the need to pay someone who has been difficult to get in touch with, and other things like that.

P.S. It was brought up that Blackwater should probably get one. Maybe! Probably. We'll see.

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