Activator Glyphs

The usage of arcane glyphs and diagrams to power a wide variety of occult rituals.
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Activator Glyphs

Post by alila » Wed Oct 20, 2021 5:53 am

Some ideas for them; maybe some of these have already been suggested.

Activators for:

The reverse of the beldi glyph; when a soul leaves the borders of the circle.

When the lighting in the room changes.

When the circle moves, if there are ever plans for being able to add circles to portals or objects.

When something disrupts the structure of the circle. For example, the erase command?

After a certain time following the circle's completion.
This one seems really difficult to implement there anything important to how or when glyphs are drawn in the lore? The idea of necessitating some kind of time measuring device--something as simple as an hourglass or as complicated as a pocket watch--seemed interesting, and the delay was based on how long one spent drawing the glyph? Maybe this could be more of an arcanist-specific technique for drawing activators, rather than a glyph in and of itself. Learning to control the flow of energy to an activator glyph, and this influencing the speed at which it activates, or something along these lines?

When a different circle drawn by you activates.
Maybe this could be another arcanist ability rather than its own glyph; some kind of glyph-linking technique, if it seems lore-appropriate?

I wanted to suggest something creepy and ominous, like when blood is spilled within the circle, but it seems as if there would be too many very different cases when this would work. Maybe a shorthand for testing this could be when the blood splatter is applied to someone or their gear? It still feels as if it would be problematic, somehow.


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