Central Gulf Coast weather warning.

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Central Gulf Coast weather warning.

Post by Marcuson » Thu Aug 26, 2021 12:28 pm

(Note: I am not a meteorologist. Listen to local news and heed any official advisories.)

If you live along the Gulf Coast in the Southern United States (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama), be warned that Tropical Depression Nine is forecast to intensify into a strong hurricane whose effects may be felt on the coast as early as Sunday morning (August 29). Take action now to get ready, whether that means making plans to stay with friends and family or preparing to hunker down.

You can find additional advisories at the National Hurricane Center's official website:


For in-depth analysis, I recommend following Tropical Tidbits:


Make sure to follow weather forecasts and take a moment to locate a reliable source of up-to-date news and advisories for your local area. Stay safe.

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