Planned class specializations

Seekers of knowledge, from physickers to alchemists to occultists.
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Planned class specializations

Post by Rias » Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:37 am

Here's my planned lineup for this guild's classes so far:

Physicker: As we already know them. They employ conventional (non-occult) means of treating both physical injuries and illnesses. Salves, unguents, sutures, surgeries, medicines, and so on. The primary healers of the game.

Alchemist: They specialize in producing items that have various effects, benefits, and ailments. Not restricted to just potions and the like, they can also choose to tap into the occult to create arcane artifacts that can be used by others.

Occultist: (Probably need a more specific name) General practicing occultists that draw on the common occult schools (excluding druidry/sorcery). More info on what those "common" schools are to come at a later time. (Sound and light manipulation are definitely in.)

Warlock: (Name not set in stone) Occultists with a leaning toward employing sorcery. (Those seeking mastery should look into the Rook Parlour society)

<some-kinda-druidry-term-here>: Occultists with a leaning toward employing druidry. (Those seeking mastery should look into <insert-druidic-society-here>)

I'm having a rough time coming up with entire class concepts (with significant lists of abilities/perks) based around lore or linguistics.

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Re: Planned class specializations

Post by Lexx416 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:46 pm

Theurgist or Arcanist might be better terms for the Occulist class.

I'm not sure what you had in mind for the Druidry scholar class name-wise, but the only name I could really think of that might work would be Ovate (which is really more of a modern neo-pagan term than anything else).
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Re: Planned class specializations

Post by Math321 » Wed Aug 28, 2019 9:19 pm

In reply to that last sentence, Rias - if Mummering isn't planned to be an Adventure Guild thing or its own Society, it might fit well as the Lore/Linguistics/Storytelling section of the Scholar guild? Maybe.

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