Community Project: Guild Symbol

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Community Project: Guild Symbol

Post by Teri » Sat Jun 18, 2022 2:48 pm

One of the recent voice chat questions was
When do we get to know what the symbol/sigil for the Adventurer's Guild is? (and/or: What is the symbol for the Adventurer's Guild?)
So, here we go. Describe or draw what you think would be neat for the symbol. (Rias, poking you to write uh... guidelines at some point because I am winging this post.)
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Re: Community Project: Guild Symbol

Post by Navi » Sun Jun 19, 2022 9:47 am

I used the following two sites for my idea. That being said, I have no previous experience with heraldry. ... -meanings/ ... bolism-a-z
The colors used would be black, greens, and golds. The center depiction would be that of a Hawthorn tree, which has a dragon clinging to its side. A rope is tied around its neck and extends down to the ground, where the other end is held in a fox's jaw; a sort of tug of war. Stretching above the scene are clouds and a rainbow. Various birds line the branches, and a rabbit's burrow can be seen near the base of the tree.
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Re: Community Project: Guild Symbol

Post by nobody » Sun Jun 19, 2022 12:55 pm

I've got a few, but they're mostly unfinished ideas.

A mockingbird with its beak in the keyhole of a treasure chest
- While a magpie might be a more obvious choice, the negative connotations are less desirable to advertise. The mockingbird lacks the thief reputation, and has mocking in its name (I'm looking at you, bards), and is also known for its ability to mimic (or deceive).

A knotted serpent with a gem in its mouth
- This one is a bit convoluted, but I was thinking a hagfish idealizes some of the adventurer concept - they escape from predators with clever defense mechanisms. But hagfish, they're not exactly attractive and they look kinda like eels but somehow manage to be even less attractive. But eels aren't the best for advertised symbolic representation either, so instead call it a knotted serpent (hagfish have been known to tie their bodies into knots to clean themselves).

A gilled salamander with webbed feet and sharp claws
- I was thinking about the adaptability of adventurers and thought it went well with the idea of amphibians. Axolotls in particular are pretty cool, they have gills and lungs, though their name would carry a Huecatn flavor that maybe doesn't need to be emphasized in a guild that is open to everyone, and axolotls belong to the wider group of salamanders.

A chimera with a large grin and winking eye
- The details on the chimera are pretty flexible, use whatever animals you think emphasize the adaptable, clever, deceptive, or dangerous aspects of adventurers.

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