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Re: Ability Ideas

Post by Teri » Thu Mar 24, 2022 10:07 am

And I envision two things with hiding things. One is a base 'I hide this, and it takes my skill into account' the other actually building a cache like Lexx's suggestions, which it would take effort to create like a snare. Or a locksmith variation to make someone want to try to break into it if they happen to find it.
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Re: Ability Ideas

Post by Agelity » Thu Mar 24, 2022 10:27 am

Navi wrote:
Thu Mar 24, 2022 10:00 am
Perhaps an urban cache ability for treasure hunters and rogues, and wilderness cache for bards and rangers.
I actually kinda like this idea. Gives rogues and treasure hunters a chance to quickly hide some valuables they just pilfered and a chance to retrieve them when things are a little safer later (or have someone else retrieve them for you...).

I was also thinking that it could be something that assists in identifying certain markers for pre-established cache locations as well, like recognizing little hidden markers that most others wouldn't notice, which lets you know that if you just happen to move the right brick out of the way or pry into the right knot on a tree... the higher ones skill the more easily they'll be able to identify and effectively utilize even more hidden caches that others aren't able to locate. Lots of options there.

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Re: Ability Ideas

Post by Frisbee » Thu Mar 24, 2022 12:23 pm

Personally, I'm intrigued by the suggestion somebody made earlier on about making poisons. As long as they aren't too overpowered, they could potentially serve as a really good compliment to all the coward/run and hide/dodge-related adventurer abilities. Depending on what they do, some of them can perhaps only be concealed in food and/drinks, or added as an ingredient while cooking. I thought that would be a really good starting point for some RP. Just imagine dining with your supposed friend, and then suddenly feeling weak all of a sudden, or something.

Another thing. Some adventurer classes and/or physickers could also make antidotes for said poisons. We have so many types of grass, herbs and flowers. It'd be really neat for them to have another use other than just being ambiant decoration, and it would also give poor physickers something different to do, every once in a while.

Here's a few I thought of, they might be stupid but I figure why the heck not.

The standard poison that would increase the effectiveness of a weapon that can do slash, hack, pierce or puncture damage. I'm saying only those four because I doubt crush or similar would make much sense, because the weapon itself doesn't enter the opponent's body, at least not in the way that I imagine it. I guess the boost should only be relatively small and the poison should wear off after a little while, so as not to make it too overpowered.

Maybe something related to debuffing or disabling bardic words, with the added effect that the victim is unable to speak. Now that would be a good one for RP.

A poison that would have a similar effect to the needle trap in lockboxes. Maybe that would solve the mystery of what the heck those needles inject into you.

Something that messes with one's perception and makes everything around them muffled, or makes their vision clouded.

Something that negatively affects sanity or morale, either as soon as it is consumed or overtime

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Re: Ability Ideas

Post by Talyn » Wed Apr 20, 2022 10:57 pm

So, I've been bored and watching a few lockpicking videos and playing around with my own locks/lockpicks. I suck at it, but anyways there's a technique called raking. I think it would be neat to have a general adventurer guild ability, Locksmith Raking.

Using the lockpick you rake against the pins until you click them in place. While I don't know what the rolls are when it comes to locksmithing due to it being hidden rolls, I was thinking that this ability could potentially add 1 or 2 advantage rerolls towards a lock, increasing the chances of a locksmith opening it, however, takes a heavy durability hit on their lockpick. 5%-10% durability hit, and a cooldown of 30 seconds. Numbers could always change. I know later on in locksmithing there's a few out there who have mentioned some locks taking much longer than possible and this technique is something used in RL to quick the chances of opening up a specific lock. I'm unsure if it could be or should be used for tumbler locks but it is a game in the end.
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Re: Ability Ideas

Post by Teri » Sun May 01, 2022 10:38 am

1: A sort of... hit the dirt ability, to yeet myself off the horse into a position on the ground to be able to crawl away. With my current riding dismounting takes 3 seconds, so sorta risky maneuver given being on the ground. To my understanding is one can't be tackled or foot swept while on the ground, so an attempt to crawl can be made. Inspired by a conversation about how one can not footsweep someone who is already sitting.

2: My brain is turning over something similar as a ability where one throws themself on the ground to avoid an stagger ability that would have hit and knocked one over. Either a passive one that triggers at percentages. Or something similar to watching someone you suspect to be thieving, and it gives a window of time to eye those stagger abilities and nope to the ground instead, with a cooldown. Duelists have the ability to get up from the ground quickly (I would dearly love that ability as a treasure hunter when the standing roundtime can mean death, but figure the aim for more cowardice type abilities to dovetail with previous crawl suggestions)
Edited this to add it could be based on acrobatics, as someone mentioned learning to fall safely is a thing with training.

3: A suggestion for flee to work while in the crawl position, as it currently only works while standing.
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