Ability Ideas

Rangers, bards, treasure hunters, rogues - anyone with a love for the adventurous lifestyle beyond the town walls.
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Ability Ideas

Post by Rias » Sat Aug 31, 2019 1:37 pm

Here's the thread to post your ability ideas for the Adventurer Guild and/or its class specializations. The Adventurer Guild is largely utility-based, members expected to be out doing things in the world but not necessarily fighting all the baddies to be found out there. As such, I'm not really looking for combat-based abilities, other than perhaps some defensive ones to help them survive out there. For the most part though, I want to give them handy adventuring utilities.

For reference, the current classes are:
- Bard: The ones interested in acquiring lore and knowledge, and the most occult-inclined. Not required in any way to be singers/musical, though have some inclinations toward performing abilities and some esoteric occult abilities related to such.
- Ranger: The rugged outdoorsmen, survivalists, explorers, and the most combat-apt Adventurer class.
- Rogue: The stealthy, shady vagabonds often getting up to trouble and constantly getting into places they shouldn't be. Not assassins!
- Treasure Hunter: Like it says on the tin. Particular experts with locks and traps.

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Re: Ability Ideas

Post by Wish » Sat Aug 31, 2019 2:20 pm

I'm likely going bard at some point. I look at them as support characters that are fierce in their own way and meant for heavy RP.

Some ideas:
a performance idea that boosts their abilities- such as a quick juggling burst that maybe helps focus them on hurling for a while. Looks fancy schmancy and has a function!

(possibly)- mimic. Maybe have a long cooldown, but allow them to mimic specific other class abilities. Not all of them- and only for a really short burst. Such as berserking. However.. this would have to be carefully considered to avoid abuse or being OP.

I need to think on more.

Edit: I am thinking of mimic as in, mimicking an ability someone else in your party just used. It would be super short and with a long cool-down.

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Re: Ability Ideas

Post by Agelity » Tue Aug 04, 2020 5:19 pm

Ranger ability idea:

Eagle Eye
Passive effect: Can PEER in adjacent forested rooms (be able to more easily discern shapes through the trees)

Active effect: As much as I want to have a SQUINT command for this occasion, I feel like there's a better command to use, I'm just drawing a blank. The syntax would be SQUINT DIR NEAR/FAR. DIR would be any direction one can normally peer. NEAR is to see just one room over (any environment) like a regular peer but also gives a chance to see details in other low-visibility environments (mist, fog, low-light, etc.), FAR would be to see two rooms over in an unobstructed environment, but unable to see extra details from that far out like NEAR would.

Reasoning: Very real benefit for hunting, scouting, etc. which fits the Ranger archetype quite well, and helps set them apart from other adventurers.

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Re: Ability Ideas

Post by Irylia » Wed Aug 05, 2020 7:25 am

Much as I want this to be a thing because I hate that we can't peer through dense forest rooms and without a bigger map to reference sometimes exploring is quote claustrophobic, I'm not sure how practical it is. The problem isn't that someone has better or worse eyes regardless of training or being used to a certain environment, but that the trees just mean there's no line of sight to peer at distance. I think the low-visibility idea is pretty neat and I could see someone who spends a lot of time outdoors where there isn't constant man-made lighting having developed better night vision, but those fog-related conditions mentioned would really affect everyone fairly equally. Maybe an alternative would be something like rangers get a bonus to passive perception and active "search" rolls because living out in the wilds has made them more alert and aware in general.

So my suggestion would be more along the lines of:
Passive low-light visibility bonus (basically bumping anything that isn't complete darkness up one notch on the "darkness" meter)
Passive perception bonus when entering a room or if something hidden enters the room
Active perception bonus to searching (could see this kind of benefit going to treasure hunters as well)

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Re: Ability Ideas

Post by Navi » Wed Aug 05, 2020 10:41 am

I feel like the ranger ability suggested could be tweaked to identify possible tracks passively from the room you’re in and that lead off in other directions if you can’t peer a direction. I.E. Peer east in a wooded area would tell you if something recently went that way, perhaps the perception level would determine if you were able to tell the difference between human or animal, but I don’t think it should be much more specific than that. Bards strike me as more of the folk who go around listening and repeating stories they hear, rather than the ones to do much actual adventuring, so I’m not really sure that mimic is a good fit.
I would love to see a rogue ability that lets them create smoke bombs with a riln cost in a suitable room, or perhaps right in the adventure’s guild hall. I suppose they could buy them as well, but I like the idea that they’re buying the materials and making them themselves. They could also perhaps have special recipes that allow them to use their trap skill to create various types of traps. This could be shared in a limited sense for rangers too I suppose.
An obfuscation ability for rogues to either slip out of combat completely using nearby objects like trees, debris, or structures would be nice, or even a decoy ability that allows them to transfer the next attack into another target in the room. I.E. bandit one goes to strike rogue, rogue decoys bandit 1 into attacking bandit 2. Could have a minimal chance of making bandit 2 attack bandit 1. Something like this really strikes me as a roguish thing to do. Though you might be asking, if the rogue can slip out of combat, why would they make smoke bombs! Answer, smoke bombs affect the whole room, which is a pretty nice bonus for any other stealthy combatants. It would also be a guaranteed escape. Where as the other ability would be specific for the rogue only, and cost them nothing, requiring only a stealth vs perception and luck check.
Tresure hunters could do with an ability that let’s them track down treasure. Like treasure sense. Head this direction to find treasure! I don’t really know how this would work code-wise, but perhaps the ability scans the area you’re in for possible treasure spawns and if they haven’t been searched already, points you in that direction. If you’re on the over-map, it could present a list of areas that might have treasure, but not necessarily where to find the area itself. I’ll post more abilities as they come to me.
One additional concern is the lack of uh, adventuring there is in the world. Once you learn the areas in game, it just kind of becomes mechanical. It sorta loses my interest after a while, though the trapped lockboxes are rather fun. However, some kind of general adventure sense ability that allows you to track down random encounters might also be nice. Random adventures could range from uncommon sightings of rare beasts in near by woods, bandits/highwayman on the roads, or abandoned haunted ruins or something. Just a suggestion for the future really.

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Re: Ability Ideas

Post by stratcat » Mon Jan 04, 2021 8:15 am

Distraction: Throw a rock (or small explosive?) in the specified direction to create some noise! Most mobs will flock there to check out what's up.
Group stealth: Help a group of adventurers you're leading find a good hiding place and walk them through sneaking about an area. Could simply be a bonus to the group's stealth or something more involved. Probably best for rangers and/or treasure hunters, as I think they'd be the more guide-y types.
Some sort of boost to climbing based on agility? Probably for rangers.
Eyes Peeled: See what's happening in adjacent rooms.

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