Ability and General ideas for guilds

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Ability and General ideas for guilds

Post by TheCacklackian » Tue Mar 31, 2020 5:11 pm

Adventurer's guild:
Spyglass item, can be used to 'peer' further than one room over, allowing you to effectively scout out a location.
Spy-The ability to 'see' actions done in any single adjacent room, maybe comes with the ability to hear them as well, based on perception.
Escape Artist-Passive increase to the chance to break combat (and perhaps bindings if those every become a thing? Give a better chance to break out of things like binding tendril or such)
Con Job-Ability to occasionally sell an item for much more than what it's worth on the market.
Escape Route-Let's you 'plan' a path to move through an area even full of hostile enemies, allowing you to bypass them entirely. Perhaps with some kind of cooldown?
Explorer-Positively weighs the rolls for swimming and climbing.

Rusty Blade-When using a damaged weapon, you've a higher chance of inflicting poison on a foe, or even occasionally poison without any applied to your blade, temporarily decreasing the opponents balance, upping roundtime, ect cetra.
Misdirection-While in stealth, roll a stealth/artifice roll to distract someone, putting them into roundtime or throwing them off balance, allowing you to either escape, or start combat with an edge.

Treasure Hunter:
Looter-Boxes collected by you have a higher chance to have rare gems and treasures in them, including riln. Perhaps some unique treasures would be in order.
Treasure Map-Occasionally loot treasure maps off of foes, which detail a randomized location. When you search that location with the map in hand, you will find a box with a fair amount of coin and other valuable objects in it.
Hoarder-Passive bonus to encumbrance level on various objects including boxes, riln, gems, and other such items. Perhaps apply this to containers increasing the amount of junk you can fit into one.

Fast-Draw-Useful for any assortment of ranged weapons, allowing rangers to attack via archer or firearms with slightly reduced roundtimes, and the ability to do special flourishes with a pistol and holster.
Woodland Tracker-Gives a ranger the ability to 'notice' tracks without actively tracking upon entering any wilderness area.
Camouflage-When in a room with dirt, have access to brown, green, and/or gray die, or in a room with shallow water, the ranger will be able to make a temporary 'camoflague' that increases stealth. Bonus if you make the camoflague have different types for different environments.


Blind Rage-Upon taking a large amount of damage to any limb, you temporarily receive large bonuses to combat rolls, damage, and a slight damage reduction. Whilest blind rage is active you will be immune to any fear effects.
Unflinching-Reduced penalty for balance loss, staggers, and stuns.

Intimidating Presence-Occasionally when fighting you may cause fear on lesser foes, causing them to cower briefly in your presence, or sometimes even flee.

Deflection-When fighting against foes with lighter weapons, you have a much higher parry chance, lighter weapons being things like daggers, knives, small swords and the likes. Occasionally disarm in addition to parry.
Cloak-A cloak can be used in the offhand to 'parry' blows with a passive risk of slightly harming your hand. Perhaps syngery between this and Deflection.

Access to spiked shields that do much more damage on shield bash.

Unrelenting-Occasionally press a target when in melee combat, making fleeing much more difficult and lowering balance.

Study-When in stealth, you can 'study' a target, looking for chinks in their armor, and observing their mannerisms. This gives you a passive increase to offense rolls against that target, perhaps even another reroll, as well as passive chink chance with appropriate weapons. Astute enough targets may notice you before you've completed your study.
Weeping Wounds-Precision strikes cause even fairly light wounds to begin bleeding, whilest also increasing the bloodletting of heavy wounds, this passively gives you the chance to cause a very light bleed affect on moderate wounds, a heavy bleed effect on major wounds, and a debilitating bleed effect to severe wounds.
Vicious Wound-From stealth, you are able to target a limb with a large amount of accuracy doing a great amount of damage, upon failing, it leaves you heavily exposed to being flanked(balance decrease on fails?), this delivers an accurate and high damage single strike to a target, but puts you open at failure, and has a lengthy cooldown, can only be attempting on unaware targets, so if you've attempted it before, you won't be able to try again on that target for a long while.

Occult Diagram: Nex- Nex, also known as the mantle of the Geist, temporarily disguises you from nethrim and ghosts alike, making adventures through crypts far easier. Attacking or interacting with the nethrim will cause them to become hostile despite the disguise, this would scale with arcana, with minor bonus scaling to sorcery.

Harden-Passively increasing the strength of the primalists teeth, nails, and bones, this ability grants several bonuses, including a fair amount of damage from unarmed attacks, and reduced likelihood of being mortally wounded.
Photosynethsize-Allows the primalist to sustain themselves on sunlight. This will only work outdoors, and whilest active, they will no longer gain nutrition from food.


To Be added in greater detail...probably..eventually..someday!

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Re: Ability and General ideas for guilds

Post by Rias » Wed Apr 01, 2020 10:34 pm

Ooooh, there are some good ones on here making their way onto my to-do list. Excellent suggestions!

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Re: Ability and General ideas for guilds

Post by TheCacklackian » Tue Apr 07, 2020 3:09 am

Nightblade-Relentless Stalker
While stalking a foe, you slowly gain balance up to 10, and do not lose balance even if following the foe into another room.

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